Trendsetter karaoke at Sing Sing

Trendsetter karaoke at Sing Sing
Singa feels like love at first sight.
Erik Sundfelt CEO, Sing Sing, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sing Sing and Singa

Sing Sing is a trendy karaoke box venue in the heart of Marjona in Gothenburg. Sing Sing is a supremely stylish restaurant with 7 private karaoke rooms of different sizes. Likewise Singa, Sing Sing brings coolness back to karaoke.

7 rooms, 24/7 support from Singa

Singa provided Sing Sing with a complementary entertainment solution consisting of karaoke, background music, an advertising platform, device management and 24/7 customer support. In total, all 7 rooms were equipped with 7 iPad Pros. With each device, the rooms were fully equipped to run karaoke, background music and in-house advertisements.

Hyrljudet Sydväst AB have been responsible for the installation and implementation of Singa into the karaoke rooms at Sing Sing. Their expertise in audio and video installation has been complementary for Singas karaoke and singing service.

Singa looks and feels modern

“Compared to the system we used previously, Singa looks and feels like it’s a modern karaoke system. The fact that Singa runs on an iPad, have made the management of the system much easier than earlier.

The installation work and onboarding of employees was easy due to Singa being so intuitive and easy to use, as well as Singa’s 24/7 customer service.

Our customers value the modern look and feel of Singa, their wide song catalog that constantly updates.”, says Sing Sing crew.