Success story with O'Learys

O'Learys venue with karaoke rooms in Sweden
O'Learys venue with karaoke rooms in Sweden
It has been a success since day one.
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Linus SpånbergerFranchise Manager, O’Learys Jönköping and O’Learys Möllergata Oslo

Over 80 restaurants in the Nordics

O’Learys is informal event restaurants in the style of a Bostonian neighborhood bar, regardless of where they are.

O’Learys offer their customers a complete experience, with a combination of sports, American food, a well-defined environment and a friendly atmosphere with music, karaoke and other forms of entertainment.

The concept is targeted at a wide range of customers, both private individuals and business people. O’Learys has more than 100 restaurants in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

Full entertainment setup with Singa

Singa has provided several O’Learys restaurants with a complimentary entertainment solution consisting of karaoke, background music, an advertisement platform, mobile & tablet check-in, device management and 24/7 customer support.

Currently 8 O’Learys Restaurants are equipped with 8 iPads. With each device, the venues were fully equipped to run karaoke, background music and run inhouse advertisements. The iPads can also be used as an individual check-in for consumers with the help of Singa’s check-in app facility.

Further on, we will co-work with Effektgruppen who takes care of the installations at multiple O’Learys locations. They provide a complete tech solution to the bars, where Singa will be integrated as default. Which will lead to furtherspread of Singa into O’Learys restaurants World Wide.

Singa is easy-to-use and modern

“The general consideration of Singa has been concerning the easy-to-use solution, that doesn’t require too much effort to run karaoke.

Due to an easy and modern interface the O’Learys venues has managed to have karaoke as a part of the entertainment effortlessly without decreasing the quality of entertainment.”