Ground-breaking Social Entertainment at Bounce

Ground-breaking Social Entertainment at Bounce
The philosophy at Bounce is to exceed expectations in everything we do and to constantly innovate – it’s not enough for us to just rely on how fun it is to play ping pong, we aim to create a totally new experience, a Bounce experience.
Adam Breeden Founder and CEO of Bounce

Ground-breaking Social Entertainment at Bounce

Bounce is a ground-breaking social entertainment brand founded by Adam Breeden, entrepreuner and co-founder of Flight Club and All Star Lanes, alongside Dov Penzik, a successful entrepreneur and former competitive table tennis player.

The Bounce concept has been widely regarded by the hospitality industry as a game changer in social event venues, combining three different crucial elements: a bar, a restaurant and an entertaining activity – all set against award winning design.

Bounce hosts team socials, celebrations, networking, award winning conferencing, product launches, team building events, away days, boardroom meetings, exclusive hires, filming locations. Bounce provides the ultimate events venues, in both Farringdon and Old Street, with tailored spaces and custom options for all corporate, social and private requirements. We have a dedicated events team who plan and execute the events in our private room where the karaoke is placed.

Singa fits in nicely

We use the Singa app on an iPad which is then connected to our TV screen via airplay to an apple TV device. We already have our own microphone system in-house so they connect to these easily. It’s very easy to connect and test prior to the event and requires minimal set up on my end. It’s been very easy and simple to use. I have found it very reliable and the in-app support I have had to use was very quick and helpful. Previous karaoke systems I have worked with have not been as up to date as Singa.

The addition of karaoke brings in new customers

“Being able to provide an additional activity on top of the ping pong is a great upsell for our private rooms, as opposed to hiring a table in the main space, which gives our customers a premium experience. We have had more interest in our Old Street venue since having Singa installed and have had more interest in this venue over our other site as a result.

We find the singing queue feature is very useful in showing how long it would take guests to complete the songs of their list. Particularly for the end of the night reminding guests they 15 minutes left so that I know how many songs they will be able to complete. The digital advertising feature is also going to be very useful to push some of our upsells for future events.”