Singing success at Amber Taverns

Singing success at Amber Taverns
Singa is the perfect piece of kit with the software preloaded on an iPad and simple to use for the customers.
Gary Roberts Operations Director, Amber Taverns, UK

Friendly atmosphere at Amber Taverns

Amber Taverns is an independent Pub Company with 144 pubs in the United Kingdom. Amber Taverns pubs are Great British community pubs and they offer a friendly environment for responsible drinking. They strive to provide the best pub experience in an area with old fashioned standards of service and quality, selling well known brands at competitive prices and featuring the best of sport on the latest audio-visual equipment.

Full entertainment setup with Singa

Singa has provided several Amber Taverns pubs with a complimentary entertainment solution consisting of karaoke, background music, advertisement platform, mobile & tablet check-in, device management and 24/7 customer support.

Currently 5 Amber Taverns pubs are equipped with Singa Business Pro iPads. With each device, the venues are fully equipped to run karaoke, background music and run inhouse advertisements. The iPads can also be used as an individual check-in for consumers with the help of Singa’s check-in app facility. Singa is used both in public and privatly bookable spaces in the pubs.

The perfect piece of kit

“During the development of a new trading concept we explored the options of having a karaoke system that we could utilize for themed nights - whilst also giving our customers the option to use it anytime throughout the day. Singa was the perfect piece of kit with the software preloaded on an iPad, simple to use for the customers and backed up with a superb App.

During key trading periods the booth is fully utilized, and our research shows the customers that come to the venue for Singa account for 16% of trade at weekends and 6% midweek.” says Gary Roberts, Operations Director at Amber Taverns.