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Sing Sing x Singa case study
Sing Sing x Singa case study
Singa feels like love at first sight.
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About Sing Sing Karaoke

Sing Sing Karaoke is a trendy karaoke box venue located in both large and mid-sized cities in Sweden and Norway. The concept has its roots in Gothenburg and has until this day expanded to cities like Lund, Karlstad, and Trondheim. Many more cities want to have their own Sing Sing Karaoke, aiming to have 40 venues by 2025.

Similar to Singa, Sing Sing Karaoke also strives to make karaoke an accessible and popular activity for everyone. Both establishments feature a variety of karaoke rooms, differing in size to accommodate groups of all kinds, ensuring every room is suitable for any gathering. This approach not only encourages people of all ages and groups to engage in singing and, but also adds a "folkligt" (folk or popular) appeal to the activity. By fostering an inclusive and down-to-earth atmosphere, both Sing Sing Karaoke and Singa aim to make singing available for everyone

A karaoke experience for everyone

The venues are a party destination that fits everyone, whether having a bridal shower, birthday party, or just wanting to sing with your favorite group. Their core business concept is the karaoke rooms, singalong karaoke, and music quizzes, but also offer bingo, after works, and modern Asian street food, to name a few.

A group of people singing in a karaoke room at Sing Sing

Karaoke rooms are a big trend in Scandinavian countries, and Sing Sing Karaoke venues are one of the go-to venues for singing karaoke. Weekends are always fully booked, prompting them to introduce singalong karaoke in a relaxed bar atmosphere as an alternative for customers who drop in or want to keep singing after their room booking. Besides karaoke, the rooms also offer QR codes to make it easy for the customers to order drinks and food in the rooms. This is one of the running revenue streams for the business.

Singa looks and feels modern

“The support that Singa has provided for us to excel in the karaoke business has also been exceptional.”

"Singa brings a fresh, modern vibe to our operations, effortlessly running on iPads. Its user-friendly interface made installation and onboarding a breeze. Plus, the stellar customer support is a huge bonus. Our customers can't get enough of Singa's sleek design and ever-expanding song catalog” says, Sing Sing Crew.

Karaoke room at Sing Sing Karaoke

“With each device, the rooms are fully equipped to run karaoke smoothly with Singa’s device and session management. The features have made it easy for the staff to take care of the karaoke rooms and invest more in providing the customers with exceptional service.”