If you love karaoke, and think you really have a good show going on while you hit the stage, here's something for you: Karaoke World Championships. Karaoke World Championships (KWC) is the biggest karaoke competition in the world, and if you're an amateur singer over 18 years old, from one of the participating countries, you can apply! This year you can sing yourself to Japan: the 2019 Karaoke World Championship Finals will be arranged in Tokyo on November 27th-29th, 2019. (Edit: application period is now closed for 2019.)

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In 2018 the 16th Karaoke World Championship competition took place in Helsinki, Finland. There were representatives from more than 20 countries competing in three categories - Solo, Duet, and Champion - to become the number 1 karaoke singer in the world. Mikko Blaze Bordeaux from the United States took home the first price from the Solo category, where as Tea Repo and Jyri Paavilainen (Finland) won the Duet category, and Toni K. Laaksonen (Finland again) was the number one from the Champions round. (Fun fact: statistically the US has the most Gold medals from the Karaoke World Championships, whereas Finland comes 2nd, and Panama 3rd with their amount of golds won.)

So what makes a Karaoke World Champion? We asked the 2018 winners, and here are their tips.

Mikko Blaze Bordeaux, United States, Winner of Solo category 2018

"Song choice and order is everything! Pay attention to the scoring rules and plan accordingly. Push yourself but also pick songs that showcase what you do best. I also think it’s important to be as visually appealing as you are vocally. Dress for the part but also make sure it makes sense for your song. the most important is be sincere and sing from the heart, show the judges why you love music and have fun."

Photo: Arttu Kokkonen, Karaoke World Championships 2018

Tea Repo & Jyri Paavilainen, Finland, Winners of Duet Category

TEA: "#1 tip is that believe in yourself! And when you make it to the world finals, be proud of yourself. The level of singers is crazy good, no picnic competing on that stage! :D Make a plan and strategy for every single performance. Make sure that there is a WHY behind every single song choice. I believe that creating and delivering emotions is even bigger factor than hitting every single high note. For me also enjoying other contestants’ performances during the competition gave a lot of strength and positive feelings rather than extra pressure. And have fun, enjoy every single second on stage. Those are your moments. "

Make a plan and strategy for every single performance. Make sure that there is a WHY behind every single song choice
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen, Karaoke World Championships 2018

JYRI: "I’d say if you want to win, figure out what makes you different from other singers/performers, and lean into that as much as you can. In order to stand out from the field of such amazing performers, you need to be different and interesting, even a bit odd. Do you, and be proud of that. And remember to have fun, enjoy the experience – and network!"

Toni K Laaksonen, Finland, Winner of Champion Category

"Try as many songs as you can and then out of them pick songs that you REALLY love AND songs that really suits your voice. And it would be best if the song had variety in it. Songs where you can show your range and that are touchy are the best. And of course OWN the stage."

Photo (as well as the fist photo): Danielle Beth Uhl, Karaoke World Championships 2018. 

Feel like you have what it takes to become the next World Champion?

Application period is already open for 2019. Visit https://www.karaokeworldchampionships.com/ for all details.

And even if competing is not for you, karaoke is still the best hobby.
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