Vietnamese people LOVE karaoke, fact! Everywhere in this sunny country, it's not hard to catch people singing to the lyrics of their favorite songs on screen: on the pavement, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, in a hotel, in a wedding, in dedicated karaoke room venues, no where is off limit.

So if you're in the country or about to visit Vietnam, why not take a chance to enjoy this local experience? It's one of the best ways to win your way to Vietnamese people's hearts (beside food, of course) and the experience would sure be a highlight of your trip.

Note: the list is not in any particular order

1. Bai nay chill phet - Den, MIN

Den is a beloved underground-went-mainstream rapper in Vietnam whose story-telling skill is out of this world. Young people relate to his songs. The song Bai nay chill phet is like a check-in from a friend to another: "Hey, how are you doing?", and offers encouragement for people to keep going on their chosen paths.

2. Vo nguoi ta - Phan Manh Quynh

Phan Manh Quynh is a talented (and may I add, funny) song writer - singer with a very distinct style. Vo nguoi ta was  the #1 most searched term on Google in Vietnam in 2015, and the song lives on. It is a story of a man getting invited to and attending the wedding of the woman he loves. Complicated emotions were told in a humourous and light-hearted way.

3. Nguoi hay quen em di - My Tam

My Tam is the go-to artist for many Vietnameses when they sing karaoke. Definitely check her out if you like ballads! This particular song, Nguoi hay quen em di, is (again) a farewell from a woman to her relationship. The dance in the music video for this song went viral in Vietnam for a long time, too. If you can't sing the song, you can sure dance to it 💃🕺

Other popular Vietnamese karaoke songs are:

4. That bat ngo - Truc Nhan

5. Con mua tinh yeu - Ha Anh Tuan, Phuong Linh

6. Voi anh em van la co be - Ho Quynh Huong

7. Nguoi la oi - Superbrothers, Karik, Orange

8. Tim lai - Microwave

9. Anh cu di di - Hari Won

10. Song tinh - MTV

You're guaranteed to hear at least one of these songs when you join a karaoke sesssion with Vietnamese people. And if you want, go ahead learn some of these, or their chorus, or their choreographies. It will be fun, so they say at least 😅.

Some other popular contemporary artists whose songs people love singing in karaoke are: Son Tung MTP, Duc Phuc, Erik, Hien Ho, Hoang Thuy Linh. Check them out!