Singalong success at Holiday Bar

Singalong success at Holiday Bar
Singalong Saturdays really changed our winter weekends to something hot and appreciated.
Richard McCormick Chef, Restaurateur & Food stylist, Holiday Bar, Finland

Vacation mode always on

The Holiday Bar is a buzzing restaurant, bar and sun terrace situated in Katajanokka, a district on the eastern shore of downtown Helsinki, Finland. It serves fun seasonal menus with fresh seafood from the nearby market, modern vegetarian dishes and great drinks.

Restauranteurs Richard McCormick and Ville Relander combined their love for food and karaoke in a unique concept that quickly became a great success in the Holiday Bar.

Out-of-the-box karaoke experience

Although Richard and Ville are known in the Helsinki scene for their golden touch when it comes to restaurants, some could have argued that singing karaoke during dinner is too much of a mouthful. Luckily, the duo followed their instincts, believed in the concept and made it a highlight of the week for guests hungry for a dining experience out of the ordinary.

Singa provided Holiday Bar with Singa Business Pro - a complimentary entertainment solution that consists of karaoke, background music, display advertising, mobile song requests, device management and 24/7 customer support. Customers can browse songs and leave song request from their own phones through the Singa consumer app while sitting at the dinner table enjoying delicious food.

Every night of course escalated to an unforgettable singing party the guests will never forget.

Setting up everything with Singa was super smooth, easy and friendly

“Most karaoke venues in Finland tend to be more late night oriented, with booze playing the main role. We wanted to offer a new kind of karaoke experience that doesn't compromise the quality of cuisine, drinks and design. We also wanted to organize something unique for our guests in wintertime to keep Holiday Bar rocking and evolving. The nights have been popular and usually the restaurant is pretty much booked beforehand. Setting up everything with Singa was super smooth, easy and friendly.

It's been way better than we expected. People love coming here and they leave with a lifetime memory. The best nights have started with families singing and towards the end of the night the entire restaurant bursts into a song,” Richard McCormick, Chef, Restaurateur & Food stylist, Holiday Bar, Helsinki