It was the feel-good TV moment of the year – Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra winning the hearts of the continent, victorious at Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy. Perhaps no real surprise in that, some may say, but the UK coming runner-up with Sam Ryder’s ‘Space Man’ was more than a surprise to some, none more so than UK Eurovision presenter Graham Norton. Households across the UK began tuning in, absorbing the excitement, having not watched in years, as Eurovision fever took hold.

The format of Eurovision sees the winning country host it the next year, but with the current tragic situation in Ukraine, regrettably this was deemed just not possible due to obvious safety and security concerns.

Where will Eurovision 2023 be hosted?

It was announced in July that the UK would host Eurovision 2023, the 67th edition, on behalf of Ukraine. Ukraine will automatically qualify for the grand final along with the ‘Big-5’ (those that financially contribute the most) - France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).

The UK has hosted the competition some eight times – in 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1977 in London, 1972 in Edinburgh, 1974 in Brighton, 1982 in Harrogate and 1998 Birmingham.

Out of 20 potential hosting cities Liverpool was selected! If you are planning on going, be sure to book accommodation now. We will add more details about the venue and theme as they come out.

How do I get tickets?

Just when can I get my hands on some tickets? What many do not realise is that Eurovision is not simply about that one Saturday night live TV show, but it is in fact 9 shows over three nights (family show, jury show and live show for each semi-final and final), meaning plenty of extra opportunities for tickets.

The best place to get tickets is from the official Eurovision site. Though this year tickets have already sold out, but there are some tickets available from resellers and various competitions. Becareful as some of these may be scams.

Where can I celebrate Eurovision?

If you cannot make it to the show itself or cannot get tickets, do not worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to soak up the atmosphere. Why not use the Singa venue finder to find a karaoke venue near you that will be showing it, and join in the fun there, or check out the London and Manchester karaoke blogs for their top venues.

Three girls in a a karaoke room at Boom Battle in the UK.

Of course many choose to invite their tribe and host their own party in their style – check out our ‘How to host a Eurovision party’ blog for some great ideas.

Whether hosting at home, or hiring a venue, you can have your gang dress up, enjoy the show, take part in quizzes, games and of course – karaoke! Whether freestyling or working your way through former Eurovision entries, you can find it all on the Singa App. Sign up, connect your smart TV, laptop or even your phone and you’re good to go, what’s more, a month's premium membership is only £9.99, not taking up much of your party budget, and it will last a whole month!

UK Eurovision Winners

The UK has won Eurovision 5 times with the following acts:

  • 1967: Sadie Shaw – Puppet on a Sting
  • 1969: Lulu – Boom Bang-A-Bang
  • 1976: Brotherhood of Man – Save Your Kisses for Me
  • 1981: Buck Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
  • 1997: Katrina and the Waves – Love Shine a Light

Making their debut in 1957, the UKs Eurovision entry history boasts some historic highs, best forgotten lows and agonising ‘almosts’, like this year’s Sam Ryder. Their last winner was twenty five years ago in 1997 when Katrina and the Waves claimed victory with Love Shine a Light.

The UK has won the competition four times before this, in 1967 with Sadie Shaw’s Puppet on a String, in 1969 Lulu hit the top note with Boom Bang-A-Bang, followed by Brotherhood of Man and Save Your Kisses for Me in 1976. Into the eighties, the infamous Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz struck gold in 1981, followed by a 16 year wait until 1997 for Katrina and the Waves’ victory.

Looking forward

As unfortunate as it is that Ukraine is not able to host their own show in 2023, it looks certain that the UK will make them proud and put on a spectacular event in sympathy with the culture, music tradition and most importantly the people of Ukraine. An event that can bring people together for a night of celebration in homes, venues and at the arena itself.

We will update you with the details as soon as we have them.