​​London: The Big Smoke. The Square Mile. The Swinging City of Dreams. Whatever you choose to call it, this major European metropolis has so much to offer to visitors and residents alike. From amazing scenery and architecture to modern attractions and a rich, vibrant culture. It’s the perfect place to spend an evening.

If you’re looking to have a jolly ol’ time with mates, dates, or everybody in between, there are ample options in London town. Here are 13 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in London, U.K.

The top 13 London karaoke bars and rooms:

1. All Star Lanes (Brick Lane, White City & Holborn)

All Star Lanes karaoke room in Lonson

Did someone say Karaoke? They sure did at All Star Lanes. Whether it is a Friday night with the work mates, or your bestie’s birthday, gather your gang, and rock up for a night to remember. Private rooms available for up to 14 people, choose your track and take the mic for under a tenner per person. It’s the ultimate party starter or finisher.

Karaoke booths are available at Brick Lane and White City and also available in a Private Room at Holborn.

2. Karaoke Hole

drag queens doing karaoke at Karaoke Hole in London

Not one for the faint hearted (but how many faint hearted karaoke singers are there really?) -  if a LGBTQ+ powered eclectic venue to sing your little hearts out sounds like your perfect night, then your stage awaits at Karaoke Hole!

Join East London’s finest drag stars on stage for a night of karaoke belters and kitsch cocktail fun. Open for karaoke every Friday & Saturday evening from 7pm and also have a varied program of queer variety shows, comedy and cabaret – check out their listings to find out more!

3. Bloomsbury Bowling

karaoke room at bloomsbury bowling in lodon

Bloomsbury’s five funky private karaoke rooms are fitted out with large TV screens and comfy banquette seating. With touch screen technology these rooms are truly something to be experienced.

The hand picked library of over 30,000 songs covers the usual favourites along with retro and indie classics - a great way to spend a girlie night, birthday, celebration, corporate events or just pre/post bowling fun.

4. The Kenton Pub

The Kenton Pub, located in Hackney, Greater London, is a traditional British pub offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere to locals and visitors alike. With its distinctive Victorian facade and cozy interior, the pub exudes a sense of character and nostalgia. The Kenton Pub offers a diverse selection of craft beers, ales, ciders, and spirits, including local and international favorites.

Beyond drinks, The Kenton Pub is for gatherings and social events. Whether it's singing karaoke in their cool karaoke room, live music performances, pub quizzes, or themed nights, there's always something happening to bring people together. Fun fact about the karaoke room it was originally a kitchen that was turned into this stunning karaoke room.

5. Karaoke Box Mayfair

Voted best ‘Group Night Out’ in Harrods Magazine - what’s the fuss? Well the range of rooms for a start from the futuristic three person Ice Room to the ultimate Girls night out Show Girl room or sing to you are literally bouncing off the wall in the Lady Gaga styled Padded Cell Room!

Over 35,000 songs in multiple languages from Arabic to French and Japanese, you can truly let your hair down and belt out the favourite tunes. Sister venues located in Soho and Smithfield - you will not be disappointed.

6. Moyagi

Karaoke at Moyagi London

The absolute cream of the crop. London’s Moyagi Karaoke Bar is renowned for its upscale karaoke experience, offering guests a fun and bougie atmosphere (including private rooms and an immersive hidden bar) in which to churn out their favorite songs. Located in the heart of the city, between the eclectic Marylebone and Soho neighborhoods, this place boasts top-of-the-line sound systems, stylish decor, and a wide selection of songs to choose from. What’s more, the staff at Moyagi are highly trained professionals who make sure that customers have an unforgettable and entertaining evening.

Whether you're looking to belt out a classic ballad or show off your best rock star skills, Moyagi Karaoke Bar provides the perfect setting for singers of all levels. Ideal for corporate or private events, in a few short years, it has become a go-to destination for those seeking an unforgettable karaoke experience in London.

7. Boom Battle Bar

A karaoke room in Boom Battle Oxford.

With over 20 locations throughout the United Kingdom, Boom Battle Bar is a truly all-encompassing entertainment venue. But it's the Oxford Street location in downtown London that truly stands out. Offering exceptional eatertainment options at every corner, customers can immersive themselves in games of billiards, virtual reality darts, augmented axe throwing, and beer or prosecco pong. And then there's the karaoke.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the singing booths at Oxford Street include over 100,000 songs – from RnB, Hip-Hop, retro, rock, and punk. Users can check in, select their session details, and have street food sent to their pod throughout the night. In fact, the bar also offers a selection of craft beers, cocktails, and snacks to fuel the evening from start to finish. Whether you're a seasoned singer or just looking to try something new, Boom Battle Bar promises an unforgettable and adrenaline-fueled experience.

8. Karaoke Den at The Fox

Billed as “a personal playground” for “up to 20 party animals ready to sing their hearts out”, it’s always party time at The Fox! The Karaoke Den at The Fox, tucked away in the popular east-end neighborhood of Shoreditch, is famous for hosting corporate events, hen parties, or Friday night hangouts with friends looking to score a 90-minute slot of pure, uninhibited vocalizing.

The private karaoke room comes with thousands of song options and ample room for guests to create lasting and slightly uncomfortable memories by crooning out power ballads, bubblegum bops, slow-jam stingers, and plenty more.

9. BAO

Stretched across multiple spots throughout the city, BAO’s Battersea and Borough outposts are two of the best of the best when it comes to private KTV karaoke.

Inspired by the KTV rooms of Asia, these two locations offer private karaoke spaces that blend well within BAO’s famously chi-chi dining atmosphere but never feel exclusive or intimidating. In Battersea, the room vibe is disco futurism, with a capacity for up to 10 singers for up to 2 hours. In the Borough, checkered floors and red walls create a mysterious venue for up to 14 guests––and in both locations, food and drinks can be purchased and enjoyed along with thousands of song options.

10. Ballie Ballerson

A group of people singing and dancing in a karaoke room at Ballie Ballerson.

Another staple of Shoreditch (noticing a trend here?), Ballie Ballerson is a unique and vibrant destination for those seeking an immersive and playful experience. With its signature feature being a ball pit filled with over one million colorful balls, this venue offers a nostalgic and entertaining environment for guests of all ages. The cocktail menu is inventive and diverse and includes creative concoctions served in quirky vessels like plastic swans or Rubik's cubes.

As for karaoke, the world-famous Singa catalog is on offer in the booths or on the mainstage (complete with dance pole)––and after your booked singing session is complete, you can head into the equally famous ball pits and emerge to grab drinks and food to cap off the evening.

11. Huckster

Huckster is a popular karaoke bar and events venue located in London’s north Kensington neighborhood that has gained widespread recognition for its eclectic mix of entertainment and vibrant atmosphere. The space boasts a stylish and modern aesthetic that creates an inviting area for guests to enjoy karaoke sessions with friends and family. With a diverse selection of songs spanning across various genres and languages, plus private rooms for up to 45 people (that’s a LOT of karaoke), Huckster ensures there is something for everyone to sing along to.

In addition to karaoke, the bar offers a range of delicious cocktails and bites, adding to the overall experience. The friendly staff at Huckster are attentive and committed to providing top-notch service to all but guarantee a memorable night out.

12. Four Thieves

The ultimate Battersea pub experience, Four Thieves is a unique and innovative bar that offers patrons an immersive experience unlike many others. Known for its distinct concept of combining a traditional pub setting with elements of a retro arcade and brewery, Four Thieves brings in a diverse crowd of visitors seeking both entertainment and top-notch drinks. The bar features a wide selection of craft beers brewed on-site, as well as specialty cocktails crafted by talented mixologists.

But most importantly, the Singa-partnered karaoke rooms––which include a stage and spotlight to summon your inner front-row diva––include thousands of song titles and state-of-the-art sound systems that let you hit those high notes with ease. Rooms can fit up to 25 guests and pricing is based on per person and peak hours.

13. Simmons Bar

With 23 locations throughout London, each Simmons Bar features a nostalgia-soaked entertainment space that promises cocktails, dreams, and disco. As for karaoke, dedicated rooms with ample space (with room for up to 15 to 60 guests) are available at the Temple, Euston Square, Camden Town, and Greek Street venues. And each one offers a fab evening for all.

Book a private room for you and your friends for a wild Saturday night or an after-work singing session and unwind with over 50,000 songs and a curious collection of drinks and snacks to fuel the evening.

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