Are you in charge of organising the next virtual staff event in your company? Running out of online-friendly and safe ideas that would be fun and drive employee engagement and satisfaction? Yep, been there. But luckily, there's karaoke.

Christmas party, summer party, Friday office hangout... oh yes, it's virtual karaoke time!

In this post you'll learn why online karaoke party is the best option for your next staff event, especially during these weird times of lockdowns, quarantines and remote work. And also, how can you get your online office party game on so that it's easy, fun and safe as possible for everyone.

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Why online karaoke works well in virtual staff events

Karaoke just always makes the best party. I mean ALWAYS! We've seen it a million times. There's something magical about it. And the best thing: the magic is created by the employees themselves. No need for hiring outside performers, during an online karaoke party, the stars are your colleagues. And you of course, if you choose to hit the virtual stage.

“Our members had a great time and keep asking for another one! It was one of the most popular Happy Hours we had in the building and we can’t wait to host it again.”

Marta Bello, Community Lead Hospitality & Events, WeWork

Karaoke is often a team effort where you get to know sides from your workmates that you never knew before. It's a truly interactive experience. While being extremely fun, singing strengthens communities and makes people work better together. Also, singing has a lot of physical and mental health effects that make working and life in general just a bit more fun and enjoyable.

Karaoke is a great way to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Believe me, we've done it a lot here at Singa.

How can you organise the best online staff party with karaoke

You can do it the simple way, or the fancy way, either way it's equally fun.

1) The simple way to do online karaoke with your colleagues

With Singa your employees can keep on singing at home after the virtual party

All you need to do is to fix all your staff members up with Singa karaoke and choose a video conferencing app of your choice and you're all set. We recommend using Zoom for the video part. Further instructions on how to do karaoke online with Zoom and Singa here.

If you're interested in offering Singa karaoke as an employee benefit and let your staff members continue singing at home, contact me at and let's make it happen!

2) The fancy way: Throw your staff a virtual karaoke party they'll never forget!

As you've all probably experienced, video conferencing apps can be tricky at times and especially if you start singing you may end up with some challenges with audio suppression and lag. Also, a good karaoke host keeps the spirits up during the show and elevates the experience to a whole new level.

That's why it's good to leave it to the professionals. Not the singing part, that's for anyone, but organising a proper event without laggy sound and mushy video quality is better achieved by someone who has done it a thousand times.

Hmm, who could that be? Ta-daa, it's us at Singa again! We've done online karaoke parties with, for example, Lucifer star Tom Ellis and the leading Nordic tech conference Slush. Drop me a line at and we'll help you make it happen.

Netflix star Tom Ellis was on fire on Singa virtual karaoke session!