Just like clockwork, February is right around the corner. And with February comes one of the television events of the year: the Super Bowl. And what better excuse for attracting more customers than throwing a massive party at your bar or restaurant business?

We hear you. If you own a bar that is NOT a sports bar, why would you want to host a Super Bowl Party? Well, most importantly, the Super Bowl is so much more than a football game. It brings together fans from all across the country to cheer on two teams they would otherwise not likely support. And even if you don’t like football at all, you watch the Super Bowl for the half-time show, not to mention all the water cooler moments and fancy commercials that people talk about for weeks after.

At its core, the Super Bowl is a pop culture event that year after year, people continue to get behind in order to be together with friends and family, eat some junk food and have some drinks. In other words, it's the perfect occasion for bringing a new audience of customers into your bar or restaurant business and giving them a reason to come back again and again. So, why not take it an extra step further.

We’ve put together some Super Bowl party ideas to try out in your establishment. Check out our list below:

1. Host a pre- or post-game karaoke party

A large group of party-goers in front of a karaoke stage at Mascot Bar in Helsinki
Karaoke party at Mascot Bar

Adding karaoke equipment to your business is a surefire way to increase sales and foot traffic. Not only is it a unique feature, but it turns any themed party into the ultimate themed party. What’s more, karaoke is a great icebreaker for those looking to get in on the pre-game fun. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, karaoke can start or end the evening in the best way possible.

Fans of the Super Bowl champs can take a victory lap by singing some celebratory tunes, while fans of the losing team can drown their sorrows with some classic ‘sore loser’ tracks. Either way, karaoke brings everybody together.

If your bar or restaurant has the space (and even if it doesn’t, there are still plenty of options available), all you need is the equipment and a good karaoke software. Singa is THE karaoke software that includes catalogs featuring thousands of tracks and artists – including today's most popular singers. Connect Singa to your venue’s computer or smart TV. Thinking of giving it a shot? If you’re interested in adding karaoke to your bar or restaurant in time for your next Super Bowl party, learn more here.

2. Put together a proper tailgate party

One of the true staples of both American football and American cuisine is the tailgate party. That's where you host and cook an informal and impromptu meal and serve it from the back of a parked vehicle – and typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium. Nothing says a Super Bowl party more than a tailgate. So, if your bar or restaurant has a parking lot, and it can accommodate at least one cook to churn out charbroiled burgers, sausages, and ribs, you've got an extra addition to your space to fit new customers. You might have to get a special permit to have alcohol outdoors, but the barbecued goodness should be ready to serve before, during, and after kick-off.

3. Consider bringing in an MC

Everybody knows that the Super Bowl is a LONG affair, with not much actual football. In fact, during an average 3-hour televised football broadcast, constant clock stoppage and commercial breaks mean that only about 18 minutes of the action takes place. Crazy, I know! Needless to say, there's a lot of dead air to fill during a Super Bowl party.

So, why not hire a local comedian or football expert to lead the audience for the night? They can provide running commentary or tell funny football-themed anecdotes during long periods of inactivity, thus keeping customers excited and engaged. Nothing major – better yet, if you have any members of staff on-hand who could wrangle a restless crowd, you won't have to spend any extra cash on hiring a one-time guest.

4. Curate the menu

One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the unfussy eating habits of just about everyone involved. It's practically a national holiday – but without the turkey. Everybody loves Super Bowl party food: nachos, chicken wings, pizza, cheese on carbs, beer, and more beer. While bar and restaurant owners can always put some thought into a truly unique football-style feast if they've got the time, as long as you've got good, solid pub food on the menu, Super Bowl customers will be happy. Just make sure that you've got enough – consider doubling the food delivery order before the big game.

Tasty cheeseburger being held at a superbowl party

5. Dress the part

Who doesn’t love a costume party? Okay, a lot of people don’t, but that’s still no reason not to have your staff dress up in their best football-themed gear to really hammer home the Super Bowl spirit. Maybe some cheerleader outfits for the girls, and some oversized jerseys and cleats for the boys? Or vice versa? Whatever your crew is comfortable with, and however over-the-top you want to go with it, a bar or restaurant business that really commits to the theme can often see greater sales while endearing themselves to customers. Because after all, people just want to have a good time. And a few laughs to go with their nachos and wings.

6. Deck the hallways

A Super Bowl party is no party without the proper décor. Whatever the style of your current bar or restaurant, you should probably take things over the top come Sunday afternoon. We’re talking football helmets, flags, pennants, jerseys, balloons – the lot! Don’t worry if your wall accessories border on cheesy. Super Bowl comes but once a year.

7. Throw a wild after-party

Group of people singing karaoke in costumes at a Super Bowl after party.

Unless your team is one of the two playing in the Super Bowl, chances are you don’t care that much who wins and who loses. So, once the hours-long game and constant sitting down are finally over, you might want to get up and move around. That's where bar owners can really capitalize. Clear a space for a dance floor (if you've got the room – if not, improvise), blast some nostalgic rock jams from the stereo, switch on the strobe lights (or pick up an inexpensive system just for the occasion) and turn a post-football Sunday night into the dance party of the new year!

There you have it! Some killer Super Bowl party ideas to try out in your bar or restaurant business. Don’t fumble this February – see how many concepts and tips you can recreate in time for kick-off.