The karaoke eagle has landed. The Singa karaoke app is now live in the US, and singers as well as karaoke venues across the country can join the new era of karaoke. More importantly, you landed on this post, welcome! You're probably one of the hundreds of thousands of people googling karaoke every month or maybe you were tipped off by a fellow singer. In any case, you came to the right place.

Out with the old karaoke, in with the new Singa

Singa is changing the karaoke game once and for all. No more expensive and bulky equipment, 8-bit graphics, or dodgy youtube videos. Singa turns any device into a modern karaoke machine with a 100% licenced and legal library of high-quality karaoke songs. You can sing at home using your computer, mobile device, and smart TV or hit the stage at Singa-powered karaoke venues.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? But you haven't heard the best part. You can sign up and sing five songs a day, completely free of charge. Just register now and sing your heart out!

But beware, although getting started with Singa is easy, stopping may be harder. If and when you feel like singing some more, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to Singa Premium that continues for $9.99/month. No strings attached, cancel anytime.

Here's quick run-through of the Singa app's main features:

  • Sing karaoke anywhere, anytime – computer, mobile device, Apple TV and Android TV
  • All the best songs – Constantly updated library of high-quality karaoke songs from timeless classics to latest hits
  • Hundreds of themed singlists – Find the right songs for every moment
  • High-definition background videos – Looks crisp and clear on screens of any size
  • Transposition – Adjust the song’s pitch to suits your voice
  • Guide vocals – Helps you sing your way through an unfamiliar song
  • Pop out player – Launch the Singa karaoke player in a separate window or TV screen with the pop out player, so you can browse and add songs while your karaoke buddies are singing.
  • Smart karaoke queue – Manage the song queue effortlessly without interrupting the party.
  • Singa-powered karaoke venues – Find the nearest karaoke venue using the Singa mobile app, request a song, and hit the stage

Looking for a professional karaoke software for your business?

If you're running a bar, karaoke box, nightclub or other entertainment venue, Singa Business is a great cost-effective and extremely fun option to entertain your customers and keep them coming back. Singa Business is packed with features tailored for professionals and it's of course 100% licensed for commercial use.

Choose a plan that best suits the needs of your venue

  • Singa Business Pro –  The Rolls Royce of professional karaoke software, or Tesla, depending on your preference. Reliable iPad app rich with helpful features for bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues.
  • Singa Business Lite A lighter and more affordable karaoke solution that runs directly on your web browser. Good option for bars, KJs and events.
  • Singa Business Box – Timer, device & session management and other smart features tailored for karaoke box venues.

Bars and other nightlife venues are not the only ones reaping the benefits of singing. There's also a growing network of other venues like hotels, assisted living facilities, schools, cruise ships, libraries and festivals (the list goes on and on...) letting their customers sing.

  • Singa Business Sing-along – A sing-along solution to improve mental and physical wellbeing at assisted living facilities, schools and more. Discounted pricing available for non-profit organizations.

Check out more information about Singa Business here or contact our sales team at