We’re thrilled to introduce a fully redesigned interface based on your feedback to ensure your karaoke sessions are smooth and enjoyable. Behind the scenes, the new Singa features completely reworked internals that enhance stability and reliability, enabling you to sing your heart out without a hitch. Dive into the new era of karaoke with Singa!‌‌‌‌

Here's what's new:‌‌

User interface

‌‌The user interface has received a facelift and features a fresh new look and feel. Navigation has been split into three tabs: ‘Discover,’ ‘Browse,’ and ‘My Library.’ At the top of the page, you’ll find a search bar that allows you to search for songs, artists, or singlists. The karaoke player and the song queue have also been reworked. Let’s look at all these in more detail below.‌‌‌‌


The first tab in the new navigation is ‘Discover.’ It offers a quick way to discover songs, singlists, or artists. You can browse curated singlists, top songs, latest additions, top artists, top singlists, top genres, or see what songs are trending now. You’ll also find your singing history at the top of the ‘Discover’ view.


The second tab in the navigation is ‘Browse’ (previously called 'Songs'). ‘Browse’ offers the same functionalities as before plus some new ones. You can filter songs by language, genre, and features, as well as sort them by popularity, most recent additions, trending, duration, or by song or artist name. There are new quick options for adding songs to favorites by clicking the heart icon and for adding a song to the queue by clicking the ‘Add to queue’ button.

‌‌Feature filters let you easily find songs with support vocals, songs to sing as a duet, or songs that include the Plus feature that lets you see how well you stay on the right note. We have also added new song filters: original and explicit. The original filter shows you all the songs that are the original versions of the song. Now you can also see the song’s feature tags, for example, if the song has vocals or if it is an original version of the song, next to the song name. The feature tags are also clickable. If you want to see which songs in the catalog are original versions, just click on the tag.‌‌

My library

‌‌The third tab in the navigation is ‘My Library.’ This is the place where you can easily access your saved favorite content. At the top of ‘My Library,’ you’ll see the redesigned navigation with tabs for songs, singlists, artists, and your singing history. We’ve improved ways for adding songs to your favorites across the app, so creating your own lists of favorites is now easier. There are also new sorting options for favorite song and artist lists and a quick option to add songs to the queue.

Karaoke Player

‌‌The update introduces a minimizable player with quick access to settings and the song queue. The minimizable player enables you to access key features such as searching for songs and adding them to the queue while karaoke is playing. You can minimize or expand the player when needed by clicking on the song cover image on the bottom left corner, or alternatively, you can also minimize the player by clicking on the Minimize button in the top left corner. The player can also be used in fullscreen mode or can be opened in a new window as before.

‌‌To make things as convenient as possible, we’ve also added new keyboard shortcuts for the player. You can now use the keyboard to quickly start or pause the song (space bar), rewind and skip 10 seconds (left and right arrow keys), quickly adjust the volume (up and down arrow keys), or minimize the player (Esc).

As mentioned earlier, the updated player comes with a separate settings view which is accessible from the player control bar at the bottom next to the queue icon. You can manage the song version, vocals, volume, and pitch for the song that is playing as well as manage the autoplay songs in the queue setting in this view.‌‌

Song queue

‌‌The redesigned song queue allows you to add songs, singlists, or even all songs from an artist straight to the queue. You can arrange songs in the queue like before by drag-and-drop function - click on a song with the mouse, hold, and move it to the desired location.

‌‌There’s also a quick search option in the queue which allows you to search for more songs and add them to the queue without exiting the queue. Just click on the magnifying glass at the top of the queue, find your favorites, and click ‘Add’ to add them to the queue. Now you can also easily add songs to your favorites or to your own singlist, see the song page, or even share the song straight from the queue by clicking the three-dot icon.‌‌

Profile and Account

‌‌In the top right corner of the app, you’ll find your profile where you can access your Account settings, My Library, Request Songs, and log out from the app. In the ‘Account’ section, you can manage your account info and subscription details. You can now also easily access and manage multiple app-wide singing settings in one place. Here you can switch vocals, automatic version selection, or the autoplay for songs in the queue on or off according to your preferences.‌‌

Venue pages

Updated venue pages offer an easier way to discover karaoke venues near you - whether it’s a karaoke bar, private karaoke room, or other entertainment venue with karaoke. Browse top venues in your city, use the venue search, or let us suggest the best venues near you. You can access the venue pages from the ‘Search venues’ link at the bottom of the page.

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