You may know that Singa Karaoke has a consumer app in addition to our business karaoke software. But did you know that Singa offers various benefits for your business and customers as well?

The Singa consumer app offers beneficial features for the best karaoke experience for you and your customers, like a venue function, curated singlists, and a mobile request function for your customers to request songs from their phone to name a few.

Let's dig in deeper what the Singa consumer app has to offer and how you can use it to benefit your business:

Promote your venue (Singa Business Pro & Box)

As a Singa Pro or Box customer, a digital venue is automatically created for your customers. This allows your customers to use the mobile song request function and see how long the current queue is to sing.

A single venue shown in the Singa app.

Not only is it great for customers inside your venues, but it also allows people to search for karaoke online or with the Singa consumer app, to find your venue through the in-app and online karaoke venue finder. This can be a great marketing tool to help your venue get discovered, not only by Singa users but also anyone searching for karaoke online.

We recommend adding a description of your venue as well as keeping your venue page updated with your opening hours and which days of the week you offer karaoke. This will help potential customers discover and learn about your venue. If you have karaoke rooms, we recommend adding a booking link for customers to check your karaoke room availability and easily book a session. Some of our venue pages rank highly in search engines and have been a great marketing asset for the venues.

The map view of the Singa karaoke bar finder.

Tips to include in your venue information:

  • Opening hours
  • When and what time you have karaoke
  • What other activities you have at your venue
  • Link to your website or booking link
An example from The Fox venue page in Singa karaoke venue finder.
An example from The Fox venue page

Hold karaoke contests (All)

Karaoke contests area great way to keep your customer excited for your upcoming karaoke night. If you are looking to hold a karaoke contest of your own you can check out some tips here.

All the singers from the Karaoke World Championships 2018
All the singers from the Karaoke World Championships 2018

When it comes to competitive karaoke lovers they usually have some different needs compared to your usual rowdy Friday night crowd. Not only does running your contest on the Singa Pro app stream line the competition by providing them the same song selection. It also allows them to adjust the pitch of a given song to better suit their voice as well as choose from various versions of tracks. Often singers find a version of a track they like and stick with it.

A view of singa where you can change the pitch and settings of a song.

With the Singa consumer app it also afford them the opportunity to practice with their desired version at home. This means that everyone will have the song, pitch, and respective version well in advance preventing any hiccups or angry singers during your competition.

If you are holding a competition, Singa may also be able to provide vouchers and discounts for the Singa consumer app to your participants. Reach out to our support to learn more.

Mobile song requests (Singa Business Pro & Box)

Did you know that your customers are able to make song request from their mobile application? An awesome feature that is very easy to use and creates value for both your staff or KJ and your customers.

Your customers can easily sit back and relax, browse through the Singa song selection and request a song they would like to sing. For your staff or KJ there's no more hassle with pieces of paper or forgetting to add a singer to the queue, instead they can focus on keeping your customers entertained and giving them the best customer experience.

Read more about about how to request songs on Singa Pro

For this to work best we recommend setting up QR codes as a cool flyer at your venue that your customers can scan to download the consumer app. You can get the Singa QR code and other print out materials from your Singa Marketing Kit. You can also use the ad manager feature in the Singa Pro app to share the QR as well.

A QR code to access the Singa app.

You can read more on how to utilize the ad display in Singa Business here.

Create custom singlists (All)

A Eurovision karaoke playlist published on Singa.

With Singa Business Pro and box, you're able to see all singlists that consumers have made in the consumer app, from the Singa Pro iPad. Your customers can beforehand check out the Singa song selection, create their own singlist and sing the songs they want to sing when they enter your venue. This is a great way for someone having a birthday party, bachelorette parties or for recurring customers that know what they want to sing.

This is also a great feature for you as a business if you're having a themed karaoke night. Create a singlist before the event with the theme you're having that night and have your customers choose songs from that specific singlist. The singlist can be sent before hand to your customers so they can get in the mood for the night and practice the song before entering the karaoke stage. In Singa we also have created curated singlists that you can choose from.

Here's how you and your customers can create a singlist:

1. Go to or consumer application on App Store or Google Play

2. Create an account (if you already don't have one)

3. Search for your songs & tap the 3 dots beside the song

4. Tap "Add to singlist"

5. Add it to one of your singlists or tap + and name your new singlist

6. You have now created a singlist

Your customers can now search for the singlist in the main Singa iPad through "Find songs".

Check out our marketing kit for even more customer materials

In this blog, we went over how the Singa Consumer app can be used to benefit your venue and provide even better customer experience. If you are looking to supercharge your customer experience even more, be sure to check out our Singa Marketing kit for venues where we provide quizzes, print-out song guides, and tons of other valuable materials to help your venue make karaoke a success.

The Marketing kit can be found when you log into

Screen shot of the karaoke room survival guide from Singa.