With so many great songs to choose from, it can feel impossible to narrow down what to sing when entering a karaoke bar! Here’s a list of some advice to help you out.

PS. To make your karaoke life easier, you can also make your own karaoke lists and save your favorites on your Singa app - so that your karaoke favorites are always in your pocket.  

How to Pick Your First Karaoke Song

1. Consider the vibe

Are you looking for a sing-along with the audience (“Hotel California”, “Brown eyed girl”)?  See our blog post about the best sing along songs for karaoke!

Would you prefer something subdued and reflective (“Landslide”, “Wake me up when September Ends”)?

Is a duet in order (“Like I’m gonna lose you”, “Lucky” ? See our blog post about the best karaoke duets.

Consider the vibe of the venue, the crowd, and the group you’re going with to help you narrow down your choices!

2. Check the range

The last thing you want is a song that’s uncomfortably low or high for you. Sing along with the original song to make sure the range feels good!

It's also an option to change the key of the karaoke songs! If you go to a Singa powered venue, you can try the song beforehands at home, try changing the key to higher or lower from the song settings, and save the song with your preferred key to your My Library, where you'll find it easily the next time you visit a karaoke venue!

See this video to get a better idea how to find your key on Singa!

3. Look for hidden gems

Sure, it’s nice to sing a song the crowd knows. But how many renditions of “Don’t stop Believin” can we really get excited about? (Editors note: probably many!) Look for songs that are familiar, but not over done.

By the way, that advice applies to audition songs, too: look for a song familiar enough that people know what to expect, but not so popular that they’re sick of it.

See our singlist Fresh Karaoke Additions to find some fresh-from-the-press karaoke songs. Or, if you feel like giving one of the classics a go, see our blogpost with the 25 most legendary karaoke songs of all time.

4. Connect to the message

A great song is more than a melody: it’s a story! Choose a song with a story you can relate to, or at least a story that’s fun to tell.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find a karaoke song that will suit your voice and your personality.

To get physically prepared for your karaoke session, read our blog post about what to — and what not to — eat and drink before karaoke singing!

Navigate to Singa to sing all your karaoke favorites at home, and when you're ready, check your closest Singa powered venue and jump on stage!

Happy singing!

Camille van Niekerk is a vocal coach and writer at 30 Day Singer