Festivals are the best thing in the summer and festival karaoke parties are the best part of festivals! Nowadays, more and more of festival visitors want to jump on the stage and be part of the experience and not just passively watch when artists are performing.

Especially in The UK, festival karaoke summer has been hotter than ever. British TV legend and comedian Shaun Williamson has been touring the hottest festivals with his Barrioke karaoke show. We went to see his show at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire and asked him what makes the ultimate festival karaoke experience.

@singakaraoke Learn how to host an ultimate festival karaoke 🤩🎤 Shaun Williamson from legendary Barrioke gives 4 tips how to run an energetic karaoke party. Grab the tips and rock your own festival karaoke like Shaun did few weeks ago on @Truck Festival ! 🔥🎉🕺💃 #karaoke #festival #karaokeparty ♬ alkuperäinen ääni - Singa Karaoke

1. Choose the right host

The right host gets the party started and makes the crowd feel that they want to give their best. A good host cheers all the singers and makes sure that the vibe and energy is high all the time.

Also if the host is well known for everybody beforehand (like Shaun aka Barry from Eastenders is!) it's easier for the festival crowd to find the karaoke from the festival schedule and get excited beforehand.

Besides the host it's also good to have a karaoke jockey who plays the songs so the host can focus on hosting. And to make sure that the sound is good and volume levels are right it's good to have a mixer who listens to how the overall sound is.

2. Choose the right songs

At festivals people are in high energy party mode, so they want to hear and sing party music! If you are running one or two hour festival slots you can choose the songlist beforehand with all the guaranteed singalong party bangers and let the crowd jump on the stage and go with the flow. Or you can let the crowd to make song request in the traditional way and then choose only the most party oriented songs. If you are using Singa, the audience can make mobile requests from their phone.

Festival audience singing karaoke in Truck Festival in England
Festival stages can be in imaginative places. At Truck Festival in England karaoke was organized in a barn.

3. Choose the right karaoke system

Singa is a perfect choice for festival karaokes because you can choose the best party bangers from over 100 000 song library so there's guaranteed to be something for everybody. Singa streams over the internet so make sure that you have high speed private internet available, or you can also download all the needed songs offline so you can play those even if the internet get stuck.

4. Get the party atmosphere going!

Then it's just up to you. Make people sing, dance, and have the time of their lives. When you have a festival crowd + tips listed above you can't go wrong. Just make sure that everything runs smoothly and the energy level is high. Afterwards you'll get the feedback that "This was the best act of the festival!"

Crowd singing karaoke on festival stage with Singa karaoke system.
It's hard to find more willing people to sing karaoke than festival crowd!

Now just be in touch with your local festivals and tell them that you can provide them a new festival headliner, which is the karaoke singing audience itself. And of course make sure that you have the number one festival karaoke software! To learn more about Singa reach out to us at sales@singa.com, or chat with us on our website www.singa.com/business.

Have fun at your festival karaoke party!