Seriously, what’s the true college experience without attending at least one massive, all-night fraternity or sorority party? It's practically mandatory to let your hair down and veg out between stretches of studying and exams. But how do these parties come about? It's almost as if they materialize out of thin air – you just show up to a big house on campus and…everybody's there. But what if you want to host the next great get-together between students? How do you go about putting together a popular bash of your own? Well, first you’ll need some ideas.

Whether you’re looking to host a college party for your fraternity or your sorority – or you’re thinking of throwing an inclusive, co-ed RAGER! – we’ve put together some must-try themes guaranteed to make your house THE house on campus. Check out our list below:

1. A karaoke party

Karaoke party at the Helsinki Sideways festival with a huge crowd singing together.

One of the most unique party themes of them all has got to be karaoke. Bring the bar to your party, and not the other way around, by hosting a dedicated area in your space devoted to singing and dancing with a quality sound system and top-notch karaoke software.

The benefit of hosting a karaoke party is that literally everybody loves it – even if they tell you they don’t… at first. Keeping an entire guest list entertained for an evening can be a challenge, but music is universal, and eventually, everybody at your party will flock to the karaoke machine and by the end of the night, they’ll all have given it a go.

So, once you’ve got the room set up, you’ll need the equipment. Singa is THE source for karaoke software and accessories. They offer convenient programming and apps plus catalogs featuring thousands of tracks and artists – including today's most popular singers. You can even have everyone contribute to a karaoke playlist ahead of time or use one the existing singlists. You can even hook Singa up to your computer, mobile or smart TV. Thinking of giving it a shot? If you’re interested in hosting a karaoke party, you can check out a list of super-engaging karaoke themes guaranteed to get everybody on the floor right here.


Black and white image of college fraternity and sorority students sitting in the grass in togas.

An oldie but still a goodie, the classic fraternity party theme is practically a rite of passage for college kids. Maybe because it takes its influence from 1978’s “Animal House”, arguably one of the greatest college party movies of all time, or because it’s just unbelievably simple to achieve. Encourage your fraternity and/or sorority attendees to wrap themselves in white bedsheets, fashioning them into wearable Greek-wedding style garments that are comfortable and breathable.

And that’s pretty much it. The benefit of a toga party is that nobody has to stress about what to wear: everybody is dressed the same, which naturally lowers people’s inhibitions upon arrival. This way, everybody can just relax and have a great time –– and if you happen to spill anything on your toga, just toss it in the washing machine the next day before throwing it back on the bed.

3. Under the (foamy) sea

Crowd at a foam party raising their hands as foam falls from the air.

Nautical is always a fun idea. The décor is easy to source, and the outfits are just the right amount of camp: Hawaiian leis, captain’s hats, and big, mermaid-red wigs. But if your building allows for it, why not bust out the foam machine to take your sea-worthy soiree to the next level? Better yet, if you’ve got an outdoor space like a backyard, you can rent a quality foam machine, crank up the bubbles, blast calypso music and party like you’ve all been shipwrecked on an extra-funky desert island.

4. ABC party

Since you’re all busy college students trying to plan a party between school classes, it’s only appropriate that you try to brush up on your ABCs. An ABC-themed party, or “Anything But Clothes” party, is one of the more creative theme ideas you can float to your guests. Although the name might suggest otherwise (we’re NOT encouraging NO clothing), for an ABC party, invitees show up in outfits made from… anything but traditional articles of clothing.

Fabrics, plastics, even food –everything is on the table – but how you go about fashioning them into wearable garments is the challenge. And it's worth the payoff since it demonstrates everyone's unique creativity while guaranteeing that everybody will be wearing one-of-a-kind looks…which is a really great icebreaker for meeting new people.

5. Prom night: 1985

Large group of college students in 80's styled clothing.

Combining the formality of prom with the campiness of 1980s neon fabrics and updos is a genius idea for a college-themed party. Take things up a notch and have your guests show up in the most ridiculously ugly retro fashions (think pastel tuxedos and poufy sleeved dresses). They certainly won’t need to spend a fortune – maybe just a quick trip to the vintage aisle of the local second-hand store, or a visit to mom and dad’s closet. Oh, and don’t let your creativity stop there: put a spin on 80’s Prom Night. Maybe it’s a slasher-themed 80’s Prom Night. Or a zombie-themed 80’s Prom Night. Why stop at one idea?

6. Come as you are… because why not?

Sometimes, the best parties are the ones thrown together with the least amount of preparation and thought. While certainly not a cop-out, a "Come as you are" party can bring the best out in your guests, which should ultimately lead to the most fun.

Group photo of students having a come as you are party. Some students are in dresses and others in pijamas.

When putting together party invitations, hype up your event as much as possible and then lead into the theme by encouraging your guests to arrive as they are – literally, whatever that means. Pajamas? A football jersey and bunny slippers? Hair curlers and a bubble-gum pink beauty mask? The sky's the limit, and no idea should be considered too left-field (especially if you're among friends).

There you have it! Some potential themes for your next college party. See how many ideas you can put together throughout the school year (without getting kicked off campus).