So, you're a karaoke beginner and came here to find easy karaoke songs. Welcome - you've made the right choice, and you're in the right place. Let us guide you to your magnificent, bright future with karaoke. Here are some easy karaoke songs to get you started, whether you prefer to sing karaoke at home with Singa, or hit the stage at your nearest karaoke bar.  

10 Easy Karaoke Songs for Beginners

1. TEQUILA by the Champs

Sing Karaoke version of Tequila here.

So, this is a good one to start. The song tequila became a viral karaoke hit couple of years ago, when Andy Rowell published a video of his hilarious performance of the song. See yourself below! We give a 5/5.

The perfect easy karaoke song: Tequila

Tequila's lyrics contain only one word, so you have all the time to get ready and you can't go that wrong, to be honest.

2. I WANT IT THAT WAY by Backstreet Boys

Sing Karaoke version of I Want it That Way here.

This 90's classic song has made it's way to one of the most popular karaoke songs ever - and even if you've never sang it before, you'll probably remember the song when the guitar starts to play and  "You are my fire... "  appears on the karaoke screen. And in case not, I bet you that the audience starts singing it. So pretty safe one - just go for it.

3. BAD GUY by Billie Eilish

Sing Karaoke version of Bad Guy here.

This relatively new karaoke mega hit is one of the top karaoke songs sang on Singa in 2020. The 34th, to be exact. And no wonder! The Billie Eilish party hit with bouncy bass line doesn't actually have that many notes, but a rather simple melody. So groove along and sing!

4. WONDERWALL by Oasis

Sing Karaoke vesion of Wonderwall.

Classics never get old. Need we say more? Wonderwall by Oasis is an easy karaoke song to sing, and as it's such a warm-hearted song, it'll probably inspire some spontaneous bursts of love, affection, and hugs. Be cautious about the bursts of friendliness from strangers though, during the COVID era. Maybe try to do it 6 feet apart?

5. THAT'S ALRIGHT by Elvis Presley

Sing Karaoke version of That's Alright here.

Pro tip: This is a short song, less that 2 minutes, so if you feel insecure before hopping the stage, this one gets you out fast. It's also easy to sing and fast tempoed, so you can just jam along if you forget how it goes.  

6. ALL OF ME by John Legend

Sing Karaoke version of All of Me here.

John Legend's sugary R&B ballad is a popular wedding song, and definitely something you can impress your special someone with while singing karaoke. But unlike many other r'n'b ballads, All of Me it's not impossible at all to sing, as the vocal range of the song is not massive, and the melodies are elegantly simple. So put this one on your karaoke list when you're feeling that love!

7. HAKUNA MATATA from The Lion King

Sing Karaoke version of Hakuna Matata here.

So how about some classic Disney songs? Hakuna Matata certainly gets you going, and you'll rock it, trust me.

8. POISON by Alice Cooper

Sing Karaoke version of Poison here.

For the rock heads, Poison is a pretty safe choice when looking for an easy karaoke song to sing, along with some hair whipping and air guitar-playing.


Sing Karaoke version of Paper Planes here.

This easy R&B/pop/rap song by M.I.A is a good one for karaoke when looking for something that is easy sing, as it has repetitive lines, it's semi slow and has breaks (so, you'll have time to breath), and the melodic variety is quite minimal. So if you've got the attitude, you'll have nothing to be afraid of!

10. POKER FACE by Lady Gaga

Sing Karaoke version of Poker Face here.

Lady Gaga's breakthrough hit is a dance floor evergreen, but also a good one to sing when you feel like your voice till needs some warming up before hitting the high notes. Again, lot's of catchy repetition, and if you get lost with the song, you'll get back on track when the chorus hits.

So that's our picks to get started with karaoke. What do you think? Did you manage to sing them though?

And even if not - don't worry. Singing and karaoke is a lifelong journey. And most important thing is that you'll enjoy the ride. Happy singing!

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