"Singa karaoke increased my revenue by 30% compared to a live music night "

In this episode of Behind the Singa's, we took a trip to Portsmouth to meet events company Flamingo Boss, who have been using multiple Singa licenses for many years. We spoke with the Flamingo Boss himself, Marcos Anibar, on his experiences hosting karaoke parties.

Marcos Aninbar from Flamingo Boss hosting a karaoke event.
Marcos hosting one of his amazing karaoke parties.

Flamingo Boss started out as a mobile DJ company and have added more and more services to their business, including karaoke. Flamingo Boss has more than one Singa license, so they can have multiple hosts and Karaoke DJ's out at multiple events at any one time.

In this video, Marcos explained why they use Singa. We also talked to his customers at the Lord John Russell pub about why karaoke works well for their venues.

To find out how to do karaoke like a Flamingo Boss, watch the full interview here:

If you want more pro tips more from Marcos you can check out his interview on how to DJ at a wedding.  

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