Turn your party into the VIP room from heaven and hell  

Halloween month is here! Love it or not, one thing’s for sure - this month brings a lot of people out of their houses and into the bars and clubs for some fancy dress fun!

A great way to get the crowds choosing your party is to pumpkin spice it up with some karaoke. I mean, what could be better than seeing Harry Potter singing It’s a kind of magic or Darth Vader belting out Starships? Will a group of nuns invade stage with a rendition of Livin’ on a prayer? You gotta have Faith!

We've put together a couple of party suggestions for you, that are sure to be Halloween Karaoke Party Hits!

halloween karaoke

The Classic Halloween Party

There's no end to the possibilities what your guests will dress up as for this one! There's bound to be some classics - like devils, vampires, witches and skeletons - but also loads of fun surprises! Sort of like a karaoke night! If this bunch needs inspiration what to sing, our Halloween Howls Singlist can help them out.

The Halloween Rocks Party

Host a Rock themed party and open the door to guyliners, studs and bandanas. Let your guests channel their inner rock stars with some help from our Best of Classic Rock Singlist. Expect loads of air guitaring and head banging!

The Halloween in the 80's Party

There's a reason 80's parties keep coming back, people love them! Adding karaoke to this one will give it a new twist and your guests will happily pull on those neon leg warmers without feeling like they're repeating themselves. Our 80's Singlist got some of the many many 80's classics your guests can hit stage with.

The Dead Celebrity Halloween Party

Turn your party into the VIP room from heaven and hell when your guests show up dressed as a celebrity that's risen from the grave. Our Dead But Not Forgotten Singlist will provide your celebrities with a bunch of songs to revive.

As zombies make their way to your bar, make sure your karaoke system doesn't look like it belongs to the 6ft under as well. With Singa karaoke for business you get a modern karaoke system with vampire teeth sharp HD videos and the option to let your customers search and send through their song requests straight from their phones to the queue. What's better, the setup is so fast that you can start karaoke on the same day. So good it's spooky! 😉

Go to Singa Business for more information about the different packages we have to offer, give us a nudge and we'll get back to you to tell you more!

Need more karaoke inspirations? Check out our other fun themes for your next karaoke parties.