Sing karaoke online. All the best songs, on any device.

Enjoy singing at home using your computer, mobile, or smart TV. Hit the stage at Singa-powered karaoke venues.

No credit card needed

Singa karaoke app gets you singing right away. Stopping may be harder.


Sing all the songs

Get access to a huge library of high-quality karaoke songs and hundreds of themed singlists.


Use any device

Turn your computer, mobile, or smart TV into a karaoke machine and sing anytime, anywhere.


Find a karaoke bar

Find the nearest karaoke venue using the Singa mobile app, request a song and hit the stage.

Find your favourites from a huge library of the best karaoke songs

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How does the Singa karaoke app work?

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Sing karaoke at home or hit the stage at Singa-powered venues

Singa partners with the biggest karaoke producers in the world to bring you quality karaoke versions of all the best songs anywhere, anytime. Get singing at home using your computer, phone, tablet, Android TV and Apple TV. For a night out, find the nearest karaoke bar from the Singa mobile app and hit the stage.
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Adjust the song pitch to suit your vocal range or turn on guide vocals

The transposition feature in the Singa karaoke app allows you to adjust the song pitch to a level that suits your voice. You can also switch on guide vocals to help you sing your way through an unfamiliar song.


Song queue and pop out player guarantee the best karaoke party

Launch the Singa karaoke player in a separate window or TV screen with our pop out player, so you can browse and add songs while your karaoke buddies are singing. Manage the song queue effortlessly without interrupting the party.
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