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Our research shows that customers who come to the pub for Singa karaoke account for 16% of trade at weekends and 6% midweek.
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Gary RobertsOperations Director, Amber Taverns, UK
The amount of karaoke tracks and ease of use has made it easy for us to show customers how to use the system.
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Erald PellumbiManager, Bloomsbury Bowling, London

Offer your customers an unforgettable singing experience with Singa - Bulky karaoke machines belong to the past.

Singa Pro – Grow Your Business with Karaoke & Background Music

All the songs your customers love

Continuously updated catalogue of over 80 000 karaoke songs from only the best international karaoke publishers.

No awkward silences with background music

Choose your background music from millions of songs and mix it live. Create the ambience that works for you.

Show ads on your screens

Promote your products and events with our built-in ad platform by showing ads between karaoke sessions.

Our customer service is with you all the way

You're not alone. Our dedicated Singa customer service team makes sure that the singing at your venue will never stop.

Free delivery and easy setup

Ready-to-use iPad with pre-installed Singa Business Pro shipped to your doorstep. You can get your customers singing in no time.

Get new customers from our consumer app

A huge community of singers is using Singa app every day to look for karaoke venues and request songs. Be there for them when they want a night out!

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