We all know this situation: there's a song you really like, and when you sing it at the peace of your home with no background music on, you think you can nail it pretty well. But when you put on that song in a karaoke bar, all set to mesmerize the crowd with your performance, suddenly the song feels difficult to sing and you feel like your voice cannot reach all the notes. Sounds familiar?

Luckily you can fix this easily with Singa – simply by finding the key that fits your voice. The said feature is called Transposition, and is available in both our Singa karaoke app for home use, and the Singa Business softwares.

Here's how:

Transpose a song in the Singa Karaoke app

1) Find the song on Singa.

2)  Try singing it with the original key first.

3) If it doesn't feel right, try to moderate the pitch from the song settings on Singa. You can go 4 half steps up or down to find a better range for your voice. Try which key is the best for you!

4) Sing it out loud! Remember to save the settings for next time. Find the nearest Singa powered venue, jump on stage and sing your song with a fitting pitch. Enjoy the bliss of singing!

Transpose a karaoke song in the Singa Business software

Did it work? Do you have some questions? If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact our customer support: for home and private karaoke singers, for business karaoke customers.

Happy singing!