All 'Plan B' restrictions in the UK have now been lifted including mask wearing and the need for COVID passes for nightclubs, which were introduced on 15th December 2021. This means karaoke will be allowed in pubs and bars once again.

The end of COVID restrictions sees the hospitality industry cautiously optimistic for the future. Lifted restrictions, and the end of the coronavirus lockdown era, means that Singa karaoke can be enjoyed and used to replicate the feeling of a special event or occasion (and you can do it for free for the first month with our re-opening offer.) Although all the Plan B restrictions have been lifted, it's important we all work together to stay safe and help make sure our hospitality industry doesn't face closure again. Here's a few tips on how we can all work together to do that:

Private karaoke room is a safe and profitable entertainment option for your pub

Karaoke rooms are a COVID friendly option for entertainment for your customers. With karaoke rooms you can control the number of people in one space and have the opportunity to continue to cleanse equipment between bookings.  

UK pub karaoke after re-opening
Karaoke in a private room is allowed for up to 6 customers at a time. 

Karaoke booths can be easily converted from any room at your venue with minimal investment and effort. If you already have a private function room, all you need is Singa Business, screen, mics and speakers and you're all set. Learn more about how to turn an unused space into a money making karaoke room here.

Venues such as Amber Taverns, Hogarth's Stafford, have created their very own Bubble-oke concept whereby, social bubbles can hire out the karaoke room for private entertainment. An increase in session times from one hour, to up to three hours, has given their customers the feeling of a real occasion and at the same time has trebled the hourly income of the karaoke room in comparison to pre-lockdown figures.

Remember you can continue to take good care of hygiene by using protective mic covers and cleaning the mics after use. And of course sanitise the room between every group.

Mobile song requests and display ads makes Singa a great option for safe entertainment

Karaoke song requests can be safely sent with Singa's mobile app that any customer can download to their own phone. No need for printed songbooks and no risk of transmitting the virus. Win-win.

Sing Karaoke App in UK
Your customers can request songs safely with their own mobile phones. 

Singa has also an in-built advertising system that will allow you to clearly display your own offers and events but also COVID related information on your all of your TV screens.

Don't forget background music!

Singa has a background music system and so venues trying to run their entertainment as cost efficiently as possible, Singa can act as your all in one solution for music - singing, background music and digital advertising as well.

If you would like help or advise on how to conduct karaoke safely at your venue or get the best from your Singa software when you re-open, you can contact our Lead Singer Steve Dalton anytime on 07748 117864 or explore our one month free offer here today.