Pub Sheds have become hugely popular, unsurprisingly over lockdown when people have had nothing to do at home and pubs have been closed, the nation has turned their hands to a project and it turns out there's none better than building your own Pub Shed.

The UK has been celebrating the 'Great British Shed' for some time with the 'Shed of the Year' competition as it quickly becomes one of the nation's favourite DIY garden projects. Especially since the hospitality industry has been closed, the Pub Shed trend has surged as people have been turning their backyard storage into somewhere to kick back and relax with a cold pint. With lockdown in place and much more time on peoples hands than normal - enter the Pub Shed: a place for you to escape the house and spend time making your own entertainment with the likes of virtual pub quizzes and karaoke, right in the comfort of your own home.

To find out more about the community, we spoke to Dylan Williamson, a Pub Shed owner, who has been trying out Singa karaoke in his very own backyard boozer.

I only wished I knew about Singa sooner!

Can you tell me about your Pub Shed and the community you are a part of?

I decided to build my Pub Shed during lockdown for somewhere to retreat and get out of the house. The shed I built in my garden is a 4m by 3m and I joined lots of social media groups such as this one dedicated to building Pub Sheds. The community was fantastic for ideas and guidance.

Have you considered entertainment for your pub before trying out Singa?

Yes, I have always been a huge karaoke fan and always used YouTube but the dreaded adverts were very annoying. I came across Singa karaoke and just had to give it a go!

Did you find it easy to start karaoke in your pub shed?

Yes, I first set Singa up on my iPhone to try it out and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to navigate and use. I then set it up on my laptop in my Pub Shed and it was excellent!

What do you think of Singa karaoke?

We love Singa! Once I had got it set up in my shed I let my guests try it out and everyone has been very impressed. There hasn't been a single song we have searched for yet which hasn't been available, the selection is amazing! Favourites so far have been Sweet Caroline, The Wonder of you and my personal favourite, Shotgun.

Is karaoke something you will keep in your shed?

100% I will be keeping Singa in my Pub Shed and if anyone else is thinking about karaoke, don't delay! I only wished I knew about Singa sooner!

If you would like to try out Singa Karaoke for your Pub Shed or home entertainment visit our website where you can sign up today and get singing right away. With 80,000 songs to choose from or ready made party playlist like this one, Singa is guaranteed to make sure you have fun, all night long!