Tina Turner is one of the most iconic performers of all time who truly earned her title of The Queen of Rock and Roll. Despite her passing, her powerful spirit continues on her music and all those who listen and sing it .

In celebrating and memorializing Tina Turner, we've created a list of the most sang Tina Turner karaoke songs based on the play counts from Singa users around the globe. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration as you re-visit her iconic songs and the impact she had.

Here are 10 most popular Tina Turner karaoke songs of all time:

1. The Best

The Best is Simply the best! One of Tina's most iconic songs and her most sung song by far with over 80% of all Tina Turner karaoke sessions in Singa.

Sing The Best karaoke here.

2. Proud Mary

A true show stopper that really gets the crowd and energy going. The song even comes with an iconic dance to add to a karaoke performance.

Sing Proud Mary karaoke here.

3. What's Love Got To Do With It

What's Love Got to Do with was Tina's first and only #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song radiates attitude and makes for a charasmatic karaoke performance.

What's Love Got To Do With It karaoke here.

4. Private Dancer

Private dancer was the title single on her first solo album after divorcing Ike and going solo. This song cemented Tina as powerful force on her own.

Sing Private Dancer here.

5. We Don't Need Another Hero

A meloncholic yet empowering song at the same time. This song

Sing We Don't Need Another Hero karaoke here.

6. River Deep Mountain High

Sing River Deep Mountain High karaoke here.

7. Steamy Windows

Sing Steamy Windows karaoke here.

8. Nutbush City Limits

Sing Nutbush City Limits here.

9. I Don't Wanna Lose You

Sing I Don't Wanna Lose You karaoke here.

10. On Silent Wings

Sing On Silent Wings karaoke here.

These were just the top 10 Tina Turner karaoke songs, but of course any Tina Turner song is perfect for karaoke. Her memory and spirit lives on in her music and our own voices. Thanks Tina.

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