Nobody can tell the future. However — we’re always curious to guess. As 2024 is still a fresh new page in the book, aren’t we a little interested in looking at the year ahead and forecasting some trends. What will be the next thing in the hospitality industry? Is it going to be robots doing the service work, is the AI creating your menu based on all the knowledge of your customers’ preferences, or are we going back to cash and face-to-face service?

Are we going more fast-food or slowing it down, and is fast food actually the fast option anymore? Will we be singing karaoke and dancing like the world is watching, or craving privacy? Are scenic photo-options at dining and nightlife venues a must, or is taking your iPhones out for social gatherings getting old?

AI, robots, or less technology? I asked some industry professionals their predictions and checked what other sources say on the future of hospitality industry, and here’s what I found out.

Green initiatives, contactless, and personalization

In 2024, eco-friendly is a must-be. Lightspeed writes consumers to be very concerned with sustainability and ethical practices of businesses. So, paying attention to the greenness of your business is a wise choice. Accordingly, vegan foods are on the rise. Contactless is becoming a norm, and high-tech solutions such as personalization, AI and VR are reaching new heights in 2024, according to Lightspeed, among a few other trends they list as the top trends.

Modern hospitality reports as well modern technologies, AI, and VR to be on the rise, and bring out the changing consumer behavior, as we are looking for unique, tailored experiences that match our individual preferences. Personalisation is becoming a key differentiator in the hospitality industry, they state.  

Tanic reports AI powered solutions, such as chatbots to be on the rise for 2024, as well as personalization with the help of data. Tanic also mentions eco-friendliness as one of the trends, as well as AR, voice technology, automation and mobile technology as trends shaping our hotel stays in the future. Tanic, as well, brings out the experiential way of future traveling, as hotels are offering unique experiences and attractions as a part of their service.

In addition to looking for more unique experiences, how will the we behave then? Let’s get deeper and ask some professionals in the field.

Smaller gatherings — the new big party?

Cheers to smaller gatherings! Those are on the rise according to Risto Mäkeläinen. Image by Helena Yankovska (Unsplash).

Risto Mäkeläinen, a Chief Commercial Officer at the karaoke company Singa tells us that looking into the future, customized guest experiences are on the rise.

— In the current landscape of consumer preferences, there is a discernible inclination toward experiential outings. Particularly within the realm of recreational engagements, a notable surge is observed in the demand for more intimate social gatherings.

This trend is evident in the popularity of private room karaoke. Here, the convergence of friends, family, and colleagues unfolds in a harmonious blend of vocal expression, libations, culinary delights, and conviviality, shaping a refined and enjoyable soirée, Mäkeläinen tells.

Atte Hujanen, Singa’s CEO has a thing or few to say in regards to the upcoming year(s) and the future of the hospitality industry.

— 2020's have some many things and trends happening and converging at the same time. On the one hand, we spent the first innings of the new decade trapped indoors and couldn’t connect with social tribe. At the same time VR and AI are conjuring up entirely new virtual experiences, of which some are inherently social, but not in a truly satisfying and tactile way, like meeting your friends in your local haunt and having a delight and memorable night out.

My guess is that as these contrasts start to play out in society and we fully embrace all the modern marvels that are coming at us, we also start to yearn back to the basics even more and once we go out to look for them, those social experiences better be something special! That is the white space were truly ingenious and innovative hospitality and leisure operators can outshine their competitions, irregardless of technological advances, says Hujanen.

That is the white space were truly ingenious and innovative hospitality and leisure operators can outshine their competitions, irregardless of technological advances, says Hujanen

So get ready to serve your customers something special, with more of an intimate setting! What else are we looking for?

Authentic, meaningful, real experience  

Brent Gibbs, Global Director of Brand Experience at Generator, knows what the travellers are looking for.

— In the current tech heavy landscape and beyond there is still a raw hunger for meaning and connection. True travellers and seasoned travellers alike are constantly stimulated by something meaningful and authentic.  In other words something real, something they can touch or feel.  Travellers now are savvy and self sustaining, but their motive for movement remains unchanged – hungry for these real experience. Karaoke in a collective environment is a powerful catalyst for new in real life connections and experiences – and we see this in our public spaces late in the evening, young people celebrating music and creating lasting connections and memories – allowing us to deliver these bespoke moments for them, Gibbs tells.

Authentic, meaningful, real experience are the keywords in what Gibbs tells us.

The future of hospitality in short — summary

It seems that, in the near future, we might be facing more unique and personalized solutions and service with cutting-edge technologies and AI, while we are enjoying our experiential hotel stays and singing karaoke in smaller gatherings, perhaps peeking into an AR map and while checking in with our mobile device. In an eco-friendly way! At least that's a good guess, I guess.

About Singa, the company interviewed in this article

Singa is a karaoke streaming service for both home and business use that operates in more than 30 countries and is used in over 1500 karaoke venues around Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Sing Pro karaoke software being displayed on a TV and iPad

If you are interested in adding karaoke into your venues attraction offering, contact us at Singa Business. We help hospitality venues of any kind find their perfect solution to incorporate karaoke and bring in more customers.