We'll be sharing 50% of all proceeds from Singa Premium gift card sales with our venue partners

During the coronavirus crisis, our venue partners have had to close their doors to stop COVID-19 from spreading. This very unfortunate situation has put a lot of businesses in really difficult situation.

We've been helping over 800 pubs, bars and other nightlife venues to grow their revenues with Singa Business - a modern karaoke, background music and display advertising software. Obviously this isn't possible right now, as long as venues have to keep their doors closed.

But we still want to do what we can to help our partners survive and keep people singing. That's why we'll be sharing 50% of all proceeds from Singa Gift Card sales with our venue partners until the crisis is over. Singa Gift Cards give access to our consumer product with over 80 000 karaoke songs to sing at home with a computer, mobile device or Smart TV.

Here's how you support your local venue and give the gift of singing at the same go:

And of course, remember to pay a visit to your favourite karaoke venue after the crisis is over. You'll be well prepared after practising your karaoke game at home.

Take care and keep on singing!