I love karaoke. Unconditionally and unapologetically. I also happen to enjoy sad, fragile and beautiful songs. Cries for lost lovers, pains of the broken heart and all kinds of elegies. You get the point.

There is a fundamental problem I face at every karaoke party. When all other sensible human beings are browsing through the most exciting and uptempo party bangers from the Singa karaoke app, the only thing that comes to my mind are songs that would drive even the most cheerful party animal to the edge of instant depression.

So, what is one to do? How can I let my inner wild dogs cry out in the night freely without anyone falling asleep or jumping out of the window? The answer is simple. I can't and I shouldn't! That's the whole beauty of karaoke.

There are no rules about what you can sing or when. Let those tears fall and heartaches burn.

So worry not, all fellow wannabe Damien Rices. Here are a couple of songs that will not only destroy everyone's party mood, but are also amazing for that exact same reason. Enjoy!

  1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    In the style of Death Cab For Cutie
© Eliot Lee Hazel

I think the title says it all. Extremely beautiful and sad indie folk masterpiece.

2. The Blower's Daughter
In the style of Damien Rice

There's just something in this song that kind of stops time. It seems to last forever. Wether it's a good or a bad thing, is in the ear of the hearer.

3. The Man With The Child in His Eyes
In the Style of Kate Bush

a woman

If you have the balls to sing Kate Bush in karaoke your a legend in any case. Doing it in the middle of a karaoke party makes it even more honorable achievement.

4. Far From Any Road
In the style of The Handsome Family

The haunting and amazingly creepy tune where "Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones" in the end. What a joyful song. Used in True Detective's first season intro as well for it's obvious qualities.

5. Hallelujah
In the style of Leonard Cohen (or Jeff Buckley, doesn't really make a difference in this case)

man singing

A wonderfully bitter lament about love and loss. You can choose your rendition from Leo's crooning or Jeff's light tenor. Either way, it's a legendary party killer.

Alrighty then. I think this will at least get you nicely started on your way to ruining many karaoke parties to come. Sign up for Singa, be brave and sing it like you mean it!