World Suicide Prevention day raises lots of much needed conversation around ways to improve your mental health. Talking, exercising and stepping out into the fresh air are all common words of advice, but how about singing? Yes, belting out your favourite song in the shower or singing with a group of friends is scientifically proven to improve your mental health and here’s why.

Singing Simply Makes us Feel Good

Studies have shown that singing releases our feel good hormone, oxytocin, which relieves anxiety and stress making us feel much better after a sing song. Singing not only exercises our brain but also improves our breathing, posture and muscle tension.  

Here at Singa we've also conducted some very unscientific research of our own by making lots of noise in the office and can assure you that karaoke has exactly the same effect. If you fancy giving this a go, check out our favourite sing along song recommendations in this singlist.

Singing is Therapy

Research has also found that singing in groups can be an ice breaker in building social bonds, making people feel valued, encouraging them to interact without the pressure of having to talk about their concerns and raising self confidence. Heading down to your local Karaoke night might not be a bad idea as a way of improving your mental health. Why not give it a go by signing up today finding your local venue here.

So whilst research gathers more data around how singing is good for your mental health, why not warm up your vocal chords and cue “All I Want for Christmas is You” and even grinch is bound to join in… too early for Christmas songs? Ok, fine. Mr. Brightside it is.