How to run a successful and safe pub, bar and nightlife business post-lockdown?

The hospitality industry is facing a huge challenge caused by the global pandemic and the restrictions put in place to fight it. How to run a successful and safe pub, bar and nightlife business post-lockdown? What are the measures we need to take to survive and thrive in the changed hospitality landscape?

Now, more than ever, it's important to openly discuss these topics and find a way forward together. Singa Webinars invite the best people in the business to share ideas and best practices. Take a look below to see what's coming up or to catch up on content you may have missed.

Webinar 3: "How to boost sales safely with pre-bookings and pre-sales when the lockdown ends"

We will be joined by Amber Staynings, Founder, Bums On Seats, Melissa McMurdock, Founder, Out Out Entry and Linda Miles, Operation Director, All Star Lanes, to discuss ideas on how to boost sales safely with pre-booking and pre-sales for when the lockdown ends.

28th May 3pm BST Register for your place on this webinar here now!

Webinar 2: "Life Beyond Lockdown: Insights into Competitive Socialising"

Katy Moses of KAM Media gave our viewers insights into life post lockdown and how operators can use competitive socialising to generate much needed extra revenue with practical examples.

To find out what Katy had to say about creating a frictionless experience, using technology to embrace your customers experience and what consumers will expect from an experience post lockdown - you can watch the discussion again here

Webinar 1: "How to Boost Sales Post-Lockdown with Competitive Socialising"

Amber Taverns and Advocate Pub Group discuss how and why competitive socialising generates them extra revenue alongside Shufl, an entertainment provider who are looking at ways of adapting to support the hospitality industry.

The group openly discuss ideas on what entertainment and the industry as a whole could look like when the hospitality industry begins to re-open. For ideas on how to prepare, you can watch it again here