Are you looking to start karaoke evenings at your venue straight away with an easy and modern solution? Singa Business Lite is a modern karaoke software for professional use that you can use directly from your web browser.

Singa Business Lite is the newly born little sister of the Rolls Royce of karaoke systems, Singa Business Pro.

Singa Business Lite is a lighter and more affordable but powerful karaoke solution for your business. It's perfect for lighter business needs - for example for KJ's, care homes, social clubs, sports teams, summer parties, and similar.  

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(For users in United Kingdom and Australia)

If you're interested in increasing your revenues, all you need to do is register online, launch Singa Business Lite in your web browser, connect your laptop to a screen and singing can begin.

Get an overview of Singa Business Lite from the video below!

How to use Singa Business Lite karaoke software

To run karaoke on Singa Business Lite, you’ll need a laptop or a desktop computer with Google Chrome browser and a screen that you can connect to your computer with an HDMI cable. If you want to use your audio system, just connect your computer to the mixer with an audio cable.

Here you see your Singa Business Lite dashboard. 

Let's start with getting familiar to Singa Business Lite dashboard.

On the left side of your dashboard, you’ll find the song search. From the middle, you’ll find the song queue. On the upper right corner, you’ll see what’s being displayed on your screen, the queue length, and the controls for the background music.

Now, let's play some karaoke, shall we?

Play karaoke on Singa Business Lite - more than 80 000 karaoke songs

With Singa Business Lite you'll have access to more than 80 000 high quality karaoke songs. 

Playing karaoke on Singa Business Lite is as easy as it gets. You'll have access to constantly updating library of more than 80 000 high quality karaoke songs.

Start with typing a song or artist name to the search. When the song pops up, just click it, add the singers name, select the version, adjust the pitch, or switch on the help vocals.

You can change the order of the songs simply by dragging the songs in the queue. To start the karaoke, simply press play. Select to use an external screen, or enter the full screen mode, and start singing!

Make your party complete with background music

If you want to play background music between the karaoke songs, simply turn the switch on to play the background music between the songs. You can select from different genres, to set the music to be the most suitable for your venue or party.

From our tutorial video you'll find a further introduction to different features of Singa Business Lite.

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Let’s start singing!