You can increase your average customer spend by up to 42% by organising just two or three karaoke nights a month.

It’s back to school season and students everywhere are packing their bags and hitting Freshers' week. It's their chance to make new friends and get their first taste of what student life has to offer, and it's your chance boost your revenues and throw them a party they'll never forget.

Freshers' week is two weeks full of firsts. The first time students leave home, move into accommodation with a group of people they don’t know and try all kinds of, well, not always directly studying related activities. There is one thing that will 100% sure lure these future regulars to your venue to have some fun during the biggest weeks of their lives.

You guessed it, it's karaoke! Students love it. It's an amazing way to get to know your new friends and enjoy a beer or two while at it! Speaking of which, Singa conducted a study which found that karaoke has a significant positive impact on sales figures and customer dwell time. Read more about the topic from the Morning Advertiser.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Want to hear the best part? Setting up karaoke is really simple and cost effective with a modern app like Singa. No expensive and heavy equipment needed. Singa's app provides a smooth Spotify-like experience that students are used to. Singers can use their own mobile phones to browse the huge song library and request tracks. No printed songbooks needed.

“The app is easy and effective and it has made my job 100% more efficient. I love it and the student’s love it!” - Essex Student Union

Freshers' is the perfect opportunity to try out new ways of growing your business. Students are ready for a sing-along, are you?

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