There are karaoke songs that are popular worldwide, but sometimes people want to sing in their native language or practice the language they are learning through karaoke (we highly recommend trying that!). Polish is said to be one of the hardest languages in the world, but we would argue that it is also a great language for singing. But what are people singing in Polish?

Here at Singa we have gathered data of our Polish selection and made a list of its top songs. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular Polish karaoke songs together!

1. No sory – sanah

Who else than sanah could be at the top of this list? Whether you love her or hate her - no sory - there is no denying that she is one of the most successful artists in Poland right now. No sory is the first single from the ep Bujda, it was in first place in the Polish Airplay list of the most played songs and was awarded the Polish diamond record with more than 100,000 copies sold. No wonder that No sory did so well on this list as well.

Sing No sory here

2. Zawsze tam gdzie Ty – Lady Pank

When your dad was learning to play the guitar, he probably sang this song to your mother. Now you can try the same! The long intro allows you to calm your nerves and prepares you to sing THE rock ballad, which is not only the best Polish song but also probably the best Polish karaoke song there is.

Sing Zawsze tam gdzie Ty here

3. Małomiasteczkowy – Dawid Podsiadło

Let’s be honest - we were expecting to see a lot more Dawid Podsiadło in this list, but better this than nothing. Right? Małomiasteczkowy by Dawid Posiadło is a great choice for those, who are from a small town or for those who long to live in a peaceful environment.

Sing Małomiasteczkowy here

4. I Ciebie też, bardzo – Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2021

You don’t have to worry anymore - you can free yourself in the best possible way: in karaoke! Three Polish legends; Daria Zawiałow, Dawid Podsiadło, and Vito Bambino wrote this song to the Męskie Granie festival, and it immediately became a hit.

Sing I ciebie też, bardzo here

5. Etc. (na disco) – sanah

Etc. shows the more whimsical side of sanah, and we are sure that you’ll have a whole audience of people cheering and singing along if you choose to sing this one. What a gem.

Sing Etc. (na disco) here

6. Kryzysowa narzeczona – Lady Pank

More Lady Pank? Why not! Less ballad-y than the previous one, Kryzysowa narzeczona is still filled with attitude and characteristic Lady Pank energy. Kryzysowa narzeczona was one of the first radio hits by Lady Pank, and we are not surprised about that. This classic rock song begs you to polish your air guitar skills and play along with the guitar intro.

Sing Kryzysowa narzeczona here

7. 51 – TSA

This is probably one of the saddest songs on this list. Andrzej Nowak composed this heartbreaking rock ballad when his friend passed away and the electric guitar can really make everyone feel his pain. No wonder that this hit from the 80s is still so beloved.

Sing 51 here

8. Pokaż na co cię stać – Feel

Pokaż na co cię stać throws you straight to the early 2000s. The song can be heard in a Polish series called 39 i pół, and it was also on top of the Szczecin hitlist.

Whether you are rich or have some oranges in an empty glass, this is the song for you! If you don’t know what that means, you’ll have to find out more by singing songs by Feel.

Sing Pokaż na co cię stać here

9. Za ostatni grosz – Budka Suflera

Another great one from the 80s. This song definitely stands out from the list because of its unique sound and retro vibes. The song and the album are said to carry a symbolic meaning in politically torn times.

Sing Za ostatni grosz here

10. My Słowianie – Cleo, Donatan

A list of the best Polish karaoke songs wouldn’t be perfect without a Eurovision song, and what better choice than My Słowianie. When the rest of Europe is finally getting over the music video, Polish people are still singing their hearts out with Cleo and Donatan.

Sing My Słowianie here

This has been a ride, and a lot of great songs were left behind from this impressive list, but don’t worry – Singa has more to offer! Polish karaoke truly is one of a kind with an amazing selection of old and new music and an impressive variety of different styles and genres.

Whether you're a fan of classic Polish hits, contemporary chart-toppers, or traditional folk tunes, you'll find your go-to tune. Check out our Polish karaoke song catalog and start singing today!