During the pandemic, singing at home has gone through revolution! More and more people have turned their living rooms into karaoke stages and entertained themselves by singing through this unusual year. Singing at home doesn't, however, mean that you have to do it alone. There's a growing number of online communities about karaoke that you definitely should join.

Here's a list of Singa's favorite karaoke communities. Take a look and join the worldwide online karaoke party!

1) Karaoke Lounge Discord channel

On the Karaoke Lounge Discord channel, karaoke enthusiasts around the world are singing 24/7 on voice channels called K-Boxes. The voice flow of the channels sounds like a radio show but made by the community. People are chatting and singing to each other and just having fun. What a great way to get to know new people!

Join the Karaoke Lounge Discord channel here!

On Karaoke Lounge Discord channel you can listen and meet many amazing karaoke artists like Maze!

2) Karaoke Club Clubhouse room

Clubhouse audio chat is nowadays one of the hottest social media apps in the world, thanks to Elon Musk. Users can listen to conversations, interviews and, of course, sing karaoke in multiple karaoke rooms! Karaoke Club is the most popular room so far and they organize weekly karaoke sessions where karaoke people around the world gather to belt their hearts out. Clubhouse is still an invite-only app and works only on the Apple iOS system, but hopefully they will open it up to the wider audience soon so that all those willing can join the fun!

Get the Clubhouse app, search Karaoke Club and join the party!

karaoke Club house room
On Karaoke Club Clubhouse room over 4k members and 15k followers gather together every Saturday 9pm-11pm EST to enjoy karaoke fun!

3) Karaoke Central VRChat World

Have you ever dreamed about being a virtual avatar performing on a virtual karaoke stage in front of a virtual audience? On the Karaoke Central VRChat World, it is possible! You can build your own avatar and join a virtual world where thousands of people come each day to sing their favorite songs together. Karaoke Central community is really wonderful, and they are hosting fun competitions every now and then, which you are more than welcome to join. Karaoke Central also has an active Discord channel where you can prepare for VRChat events and get to know the people behind avatars.

Join Karaoke Central VRChat World here (works on PC (Desktop or VR) and Oculus Quest)

Join Discord channel here

Recordings of the previous VR karaoke events could be seen on Twitch

4) Karaoke Lovers Unite Facebook group

Karaoke Lovers Unite is a fast-growing Facebook group where people around the world are posting their singing videos daily. You can easily get new karaoke friends and get new inspirations from a wide range of singers. Karaoke Lovers Unite Facebook group is also home of The Global Video Challenge of the Karaoke World Championships. So if you want to conquer the whole karaoke world, then this group is for you!

Find Karaoke Lovers Unite Facebook group here

5) Reddit Karaoke community

Reddit Karaoke community is a great place to discuss all things about karaoke, whether you're a performer, KJ, karaoke software writer or anything else karaoke related. From this community you get the latest tips from michrophone recommendations to building a top notch home karaoke setups. Members are of course also sharing their singing videos to the community so they are not forgetting what's the most important in karaoke: just having fun and enjoying yourself and people around you.

Join Reddit Karaoke community here

Because sometimes you just gotta scream. from r/karaoke

For your singing performances in all of the listed online communities, you can get high-quality karaoke backgrounds from Singa Karaoke. Just choose any songs from over 80 000 karaoke tracks available on Singa and enjoy the virtual karaoke party of your life!