Norwegian singers have always had their place amung the most iconic pop acts of the world. With ABBA's Frid Lyngstad, Aqua's Lene Nystrøm, and A-ha's Morten Harket all having captivated the world with their voices and iconic songs. While Norway has had a massive impact on the international scene, it also has its own booming local music industry.

So what are Norwegian people singing in their own language?

We've put together a list of the top Norwegian karaoke songs, sung by Singa karaoke users in Norway and around the world.

The most popular Norwegian karaoke songs. The Y axis shows song count while the X axis shows the song names.

1. Optimist – Jahn Teigen

Sing Optimist karaoke here.

2. Dans på bordet – Ballinciaga, David Mokel

Sing Dans på bordet karaoke here.

3. Elektrisk – Marcus & Martinus

Sing Elektrisk karaoke here.

4. E6 – D.D.E.

Sing E6 karaoke here.

5. Spis din syvende sans – Karpe, Karpe Diem

Sing Spis din syvende sans karaoke here.

6. Tore Tang – Mods

Sing Tore Tang karaoke here.

7. Pinne for landet – Freddy Kalas

Sing Pinne for landet karaoke here.

8. Idyll – Postgirobygget

Sing Idyll karaoke here.

9. Jenter – Di Derre

Sing Jenter karaoke here.

10. Hjerteknuser – Kaizers Orchestra

Sing Hjerteknuser karaoke here.

11. Alt For Norge – Drillos

Sing Alt For Norge karaoke here.

12. Granada – Vassendgutane

Sing Granada karaoke here.

13. Bare så du vett det – Stavangerkameratene

Sing Bare så du vett det karaoke here.

14. Levva livet – Åge Aleksandersen

Sing Levva Livet karaoke here.

15. Floden – Emma Steinbakken

Sing Floden karaoke here.

16. Hun er forelska i lærer'n – The Kids

Sing Hun er forelska i lærer'n karaoke here.

17. Ring meg – Gabrielle

Sing Ring meg karaoke here.

18. Rompa mi – D.D.E.

Sing Rompa mi karaoke here.

19. Splitter Pine – DumDum Boys

Sing Splitter Pine karaoke here.

20. Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din – Karpe

Sing Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din karaoke here.

21. Vinsjan på kaia – D.D.E.

Sing Vinsjan på kaia karaoke here.

22. Ungkar med dobbelseng – Vassendgutane

Sing Ungkar med dobbelseng karaoke here.

23. Den finaste eg veit – Hellbillies

Sing Den finaste eg veit karaoke here.

24. La Det Svinge – Bobbysocks

Sing La Det Svinge karaoke here.

25. 5 fine frøkner – Gabrielle

Sing 5 fine frøkner karaoke here.

This was our list of the most sang Norwegian karaoke songs by Singa users. We are adding fresh Norwegian karaoke hits every week. You can check out Singa's full Norwegian karaoke catalogue here.