New Year's Eve gets a bad rap. Expectations are unreasonably high: everybody seems to be looking for an excuse to get dressed up, put on a plastic crown or a pair of novelty spectacles, and get absolutely wasted. Maybe it's a response from having to travel to and from so many family holiday dinners? Or too much turkey? Whatever the reason, New Year's parties, when pulled off correctly, are typically the stuff of legends and can set the tone for the rest of the calendar year. Plus, if you've got a solid karaoke setup for people to look forward to, you’re well on your way to being the NYE GOAT.

For hosts determined enough to host a killer karaoke party on December 31, execution is key. Don’t drop the ball on your guests by being unprepared. Nothing sours a New Year’s Eve party like a poor sound system or a broken microphone –– and if anything goes wrong and guests are forced to (gulp!) watch New Year’s in on television, you’ll likely be blacklisted by your friend group from ever hosting another event.

Never fear. We’ve put together some must-have features and tips that are guaranteed to turn your New Year’s karaoke party into one of the most talked-about occasions of this or any other year. Check out our checklist below:

Get equipped with Singa

Karaoke Jockey using Singa at a New Years karaoke party.

Having a karaoke machine for a karaoke party might seem like a given, but it’s very easy to forget the basics with so many other tasks to accomplish. Plus, having a karaoke setup is not the same as having a high-quality karaoke setup.

With Singa you’ve not only got one of the largest music libraries at your disposal – literally thousands of tracks and artists, including today's most popular singers – but also a powerful and reliable player with completely seamless programming capabilities. Just create an account, and Singa is right there on your computer, mobile, or smart TV. Learn more about how to set up karaoke in your home.

Take things up a notch

New Year's Eve karaoke house party with crowd singing karaoke around a projector.

If you’ve got the basic Singa setup, you're already ahead of the game. But for that little bit of extra fun, you'll want to level up. Pick up an HDMI cable (you've probably got some lying around in a junk drawer somewhere) and connect your computer to a big-screen TV. This way, nobody in the back of the crowd can miss what's going on. Or if you're operating Singa from your tablet or mobile phone, simply turn on the Screen Mirroring function and sync with your TV – the same crystal-clear results and flawless sound.

Pump up the volume

Man with a bow ties and party glasses singing karaoke.

Hey, it’s New Year’s Eve. It happens once a year. Your neighbors will understand. If you’re going for the ultimate at-home karaoke party – we’re talking dozens of guests – you’ll want the music to carry over the crowd. After all, the bigger the room, the bigger the volume. With your Singa open, connect your operating device to a pair of external speakers for an even richer sound.

Go big or go home

For die-hard karaoke fans, sometimes the basic model is just not enough. There are a few external systems you can bring to the table to get the absolute most out of your device. If you're setting up with a big-screen TV and external speakers, adding a microphone and a mixer, along with a sound amplifier system, can take the party even further. If you’ve got these devices handy, setting them up with your Singa is easy. If not, quality mixers from brands like Mackie, Yamaha, and Beringer are easy to source on Amazon.

Same with mics – if you want to have several microphones available for group singalongs, decent hard-wired and wireless models can also be found online. To get the ins and outs of setting up your Singa karaoke at all levels, learn more here.

Decorate your space

Group of people singing karaoke at a party in New Years Eve costumes

No party is a memorable party without some appropriate décor. And if you're putting together a New Year's karaoke party, anything goes. Determine the party theme you're going for, compare it to your playlist, and go.

Are you leaning more toward a dance party? Order the glitter and disco balls in bulk. Or is a country hoedown more your thing? Brightly colored cowboy hats and neon western-influenced décor really make a statement. Whatever you're thinking: make the atmosphere personal and over-the-top. After all, this kind of party only happens once a year.

Pick up some provisions

A killer karaoke party lasts longer when guests are properly taken care of –– and no, we’re not just talking about champagne. In fact, if your party features nothing but champagne and karaoke, some guests might not make it to midnight.

Make sure you’ve got a decent and equitable spread of party favors: ask ahead to see if any guests have allergies or dietary restrictions and make sure there are adequate food options on the table at all times. And do the same with alcohol. Yes, it might be a New Year’s Eve party, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is going to want to toast with booze. Pick up some non-alcoholic drinks. Ensuring that your guests feel included and taken care of means they’re more likely to stick around longer.

…or consider giving up

Group of people in costumes celebrating new years at a karaoke room.
The Melody Club provides next level karaoke and includes costumes and instruments to perform with. 

Look, we would never advocate quitting anything. But if unforeseen circumstances put a damper on your at-home karaoke party plans, you can always take it on the road as a last resort. The Singa venue finder is perfect for sourcing karaoke bars and other karaoke venues in your area at the push of a few buttons.

There you have it! Just about everything you need to throw the most awesome New Year’s karaoke party and even a last-resort detour option. Stick to the above tips and your karaoke party is sure to be the talk of the town.

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