Katy Perry has had a pretty monumental career: from her early days as a gospel singer on debut Katy Hudson, to her rebranded secular bad girl turn on “I Kissed a Girl”, to becoming one of the hosts of American Idol. During all of that, she managed to rack up a ton of hits and released just as many singles that have become part of the pop canon. So, what better diva to try and tackle on karaoke night?

At Singa, we have collected the song plays from our users across the world to find the most popular Katy Perry songs for karaoke. See how many you can try the next time you’re out on the town or hosting your very own at-home singalong session.

10 best Katy Perry karaoke songs

List of the most popular karaoke songs and their number of song plays in the Singa app.

1. I Kissed a Girl

The track that started it all for Katy: a flirty exposé about what it’s like to make out with a girl, and what her cherry Chapstick tastes like. While maybe a little problematic by today’s standards, this was a HUGE song in 2007, and cemented Perry as a formidable force.

Sing I Kissed a Girl karaoke here.

2. Hot n’ Cold

If “I Kissed a Girl” was Katy’s intro to the world of pop music, “Hot n’ Cold” was her breakthrough. Released as a follow-up single to the former track, this Grammy-nominated banger about a boyfriend prone to mood swings features choppy guitars and swirling synths set behind Perry’s frenetic vocals.

Sing Hot n’ Cold karaoke here.

3. Firework

An all-time bop in Katy’s extensive arsenal, “Firework” just might be her most recognizable tracks. And certainly, her best music video (which won the MTV VMA award for “Best Video” in 2011). Featuring swirling vocals and a tear-inducing message of inclusivity and empowerment, this song is ideal for a karaoke belter not afraid to set the room ablaze.

Sing Firework karaoke here.

4. California Gurls

Featuring a little help from Snoop Dogg, “California Gurls” is frequently mentioned as one of the all-time greatest summer songs ever made. And it’s easy to see why: featuring disco-inflected, bubble-gum pop beats and girl-power lyrics (that always manage to lead to a passionate singalong by female audiences), this remains one of Katy’s biggest hits.

Sing California Gurls karaoke here.

5. Roar

If “The Eye of the Tiger” was written thirty years AFTER Rocky III, it might just sound like this power pop, pseudo-ballad banger. The first single from Katy’s dance-inspired fourth record, Prism, “Roar” is another track that delivers a message of positivity and self-empowerment and marked a more mature turning point in Perry’s career.

Sing Roar karaoke here.

6. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Flecked with new wave-inspired synths (not to mention an iconic music video), T.G.I.F. marked a return by Perry to her original boisterous dance-pop bops. Teeming with bouncy beats, the track and video itself is a throwback to 80’s high school movies and the music that soundtracked the era: fun, frivolous and unapologetically perfect for karaoke.

Sing Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) karaoke here.

7. The One That Got Away

Billed as a mid-tempo pop ballad about lost love, Perry’s attempt at something smoother and softer with “The One That Got Away” may not have been a huge hit on the charts, but definitely demonstrated maturity and growth when it reached radio in 2011 – the sixth single from Teenage Dream. The ultimate slow burn, TOTGA is the perfect track to tackle at the end of the night.

Sing The One That Got Away karaoke here.

8. Teenage Dream

Truly one of the best pop songs of the past thirty years, “Teenage Dream” has definitely withstood the test of time thanks to its powerful lyrics and swelling, singalong chorus. A love song for the ages that beautifully incorporates elements of pop rock, electronica and midtempo disco. 10/10!

Sing Teenage Dream karaoke here.

9. E.T.

Originally offered to hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, Katy loved the beat of “E.T.” on first listen and decided to claim it for herself, while enlisting the help of Kanye West who features on the track. A futuristic blend of electronic and drum and bass, “E.T.” is also heavily influenced by more mid-tempo dubstep sounds and oozes out of the speakers thanks to Perry’s powerfully liquid delivery.

Sing E.T. karaoke here.

10. Dark Horse

Katy’s most ambitious foray into trap music, “Dark Horse”, which features rapper Juicy J., is definitely an outlier in her hits catalogue, but is every bit as catchy and memorable. The fourth single off of Prism, this track features heavy sampling and grimy production, unusual for Perry––but a move that certainly paid off, as it hit #1 in more than 10 countries.

Sing Dark Horse karaoke here.

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