The 17th annual Singa Karaoke World Championships final is about to take place in the birthplace of Karaoke; Japan, which will be held on the 27th-29th November at the stunning venue of Kanda Myoujin Shrine in Tokyo.

Thousands of karaoke singers from over 25 countries entered to be a part of the world's largest international amateur singing competition. 50 finalists will take to the karaoke stage to fight it out for the ultimate crown; the Karaoke World Champion.

The UK has only had one reigning champion since it was founded in 2003 and Jenny Ball is hoping to change that very fact. Jenny is from Blackpool in the North of England and going to Tokyo in the capacity of a singer, to represent the UK in an international competition is a dream come true for her. We were lucky enough to speak to Jenny before she heads off to the finals and ask her some questions about the big day.

Image: Karaoke World Championships 2018
How do you feel about representing the UK in Karaoke World Championships?

I am really excited and honoured to be representing the UK in Tokyo at the Karaoke World Championships. After missing out the previous year, I feel like it is now my time and I’m ready to go out there and give it absolutely everything I’ve got.

Are you excited to be going to Tokyo?

I am so excited to be going to Tokyo, it will be my first time there so I’m looking forward to new experiences. It's a huge pleasure and honour to travel to a new country. I love Hello Kitty and of course karaoke, so to be heading to where both of these originated is a dream come true.

Are you able to give us a sneaky preview of the songs you'll be singing?

I can’t reveal what songs I will be singing but the songs I have chosen will hopefully show off my vocal ability and range. I am so excited to perform them and can't wait to give this my best shot for the UK and for every karaoke lover out there!

What is it that you love about karaoke?

I absolutely love the social aspect of karaoke, it brings people together regardless of their singing abilities and allows people to let their hair down and enjoy singing their favourite songs.

We wish Jenny and all the other finalists the best of luck at the Karaoke World Championships final, sing your heart out on Singa and remember; Don't Stop Believing! Sorry, couldn't resist! If you fancy hosting your own Karaoke competition, why not get in touch with us here