If you happen to call Warsaw home, or you’re just passing through for a few days and could do with a music-fuelled night out on the town, you’re in luck. Here are 5 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Warsaw.

The top Warsaw karaoke bars and rooms

1. Kakadu Karaoke & Bar

Woman sinsing in karaoke Kakadu.

“Anyone can sing, but not everyone has the courage. We can change that!” A bold promise from a major contender for the best karaoke bar in all of Poland – Kakadu is a major draw with one of the shiniest reputations in town. Inspired heavily by Asia’s karaoke culture, this Warsaw hotspot goes out of its way to ensure that guests have an amazing time.

Featuring a main bar and multiple karaoke rooms for private lease, this space is perfect for events or intimate get-togethers with friends. Guests can rent a private room by the hour, log into the Singa karaoke app via tablet and belt away by choosing from over 100,000 songs in 17 languages – including 2,500+ in Polish. Plus, there’s an extensive list of cocktails and spirits available to order right to the room.

2. Karaoke Party Box

Sometimes, you just want to keep it real. And Warsaw’s Karaoke Party Box does just that: private karaoke rooms––small, medium and large––for up to 4, 8, or 20 of your friends. Simple, straight-forward singing in a relaxed atmosphere. No wonder this place is one of the highest rated in the city.

Rent your room by the hour and plug into a vast array of song titles. Drinks, including beer, shooters and wine are available at the main bar or bottle service for delivery. Ideal for birthday parties, you can bring your own cake and party favors while renting a large room for the night. It doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Angel’s Karaoke

An exclusive joint for some of the city’s most glam singers, Angle’s Karaoke and Lounge just looks...expensive. Like, really over-the-top luxury. The ornate environment might be intimidating for novice karaoke fans, but it comes with the territory.

Virtually everyone on shown on their social media pages is decked out in what looks like fancy dress – the vibe is rich and over-the-top fun. So if that’s your thing, Angel’s has got your covered. Plus, an extensive menu, hookah bar and crafted cocktails and bottle service await.

4. Zielona Ges

Centrally located near the POLE MOKOTOWSKIE, this gastropub and sports bar is part of a local institution. Originally the iconic Green Goose Pub, the evolution of Zielona Ges has seen it expand to five spacious rooms, all with a relaxed atmosphere in which singers and non-singers alike can break bread, have a pint and take in all the music.

Then, Wednesday to Saturday, YOU are the star of the show, with karaoke on the mainstage. Take turns singing along to whatever the DJ spins while chowing down on Neapolitan pizza, cocktails, shooters and plenty of Zywiecs. Stolat!

5. Singers Restaurant

A dedicated Polish restaurant – pierogi anybody?! – with countless beers on tap, plus one of the biggest and best karaoke parties in town? You’ve simply GOT to check out the aptly named Singers. Friday and Saturday nights after 9 pm, this intimate and cozy-ish space (seats up to 90 people) turns into a dance-filled music mecca. A dedicated DJ leads the karaoke party, spinning great music while letting audience members hop up on stage and croon along to top 40 hits, traditional ballads, Polish folk ditties and everything in between.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events or large get-togethers, the staff at Singers want you to have a great time, so they will work with any private request. Just reach out.

Find Karaoke in Your Area

If you are located somewhere other than Warsaw, fear not! There are many other global cities in which you can find live, in-person karaoke spots. Simply check out the Singa-powered karaoke finder for nightclubs, bars, karaoke boxes or other entertainment venues for all things karaoke!

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