Despite its fairytale setting and romantic, old-world architecture and forest spaces, Lithuania’s capital city is also a bustling metropolis filled with modern attractions, including excellent eateries, cultural hubs and, of course, wicked nightlife. And what nightlife, really, without music?

If you live in Vilnius, or you’re just passing through, knowing where the karaoke meccas are located is a must! And fortunately, we’ve done most of the legwork for you. Here are 5 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Vilnius.

The top Vilnius karaoke bars and rooms

1. O’Learys

Located north of Vilnius’ Old Town, tucked into a massive entertainment complex that features North American shopping staples like H&M, Zara and McDonalds, O’Learys is a traditional pub-style watering hole that holds an even greater secret: one of the city’s best for bare-bones karaoke.

With its massive beer and spirits menu, this sports bar has every interest covered: from bowling, table curling, and, of course, karaoke. Featuring an extensive catalog of song titles and artists––both Lithuanian talent and global music stars––O’Learys adopts a laid-back Americana vibe, as evidence by the classic American and Tex-Mex cuisine on the menu (vegan and vegetarian options are also available). Sessions can be booked in-person or in advance––50 minutes per session, and the great hall room (adorned with leather seating and rustic décor) can accommodate up to 25 people.

2. Sing Karaoke

In the center of downtown Vilnius sits Sing Karaoke––one of the Baltic region’s absolute best. This unique and modern space caters extensively to music-heads who love to unwind and let loose with the microphone.

Influenced heavily by karaoke houses in Asia, Sing offers a number of private rooms (not to mention over 40,000 song titles) that match your vibe: there is a pop music room, a disco room, a jazz room…the list goes on. Prices range from 30 Euros to 70 Euros per hour. And when your private party needs to take a break, head over to the main bar and pull down a carefully curated cocktail from their elevated drinks menu and lounge within the common areas.

3. La Birra Pub

Sports and Music. Those are the two promises built into the La Birra Pub experience. And they definitely deliver. Located in Old Town, this watering hole is a great spot to duck into and sample one of the 20 beers on tap (the widest selection of drafts in neighborhood). And when you and your friends want to take the evening to the next level, you don’t even have to get off your barstool.

Karaoke is held Mondays and Thursdays, and the vibe is young and hip––seating is ample, the setting is somewhat intimate, but with a definite nod to the alternative (the walls are decorated with bar coasters that sport various beer brands). It’s a cool venue with a dedicated stage for singing, if that’s your thing.

4. Juoda Raudona

Another great space in the heart of Old Town, Juoda Raudona hosts a major karaoke party every Friday night––music, dancing, great food and drinks, all in one place.

Featuring a traditional restaurant layout, the venue is large, and the menu is heavy. But come karaoke time, the leather booths and sofas, combined with the bright red walls, create a stark contrast that is perfect for singalongs. An extensive catalogue of music awaits any singers who wish to belt it out in front of the entire room––you’ll definitely have a supportive audience––can grab microphones from the bar and follow along from the massive video screens.

5. BIX Baras

“Food, beer market and rock”. What else do you need?

That’s the motto emblazoned on the awnings outside this Vilnius dive bar. Known for their burgers and beers, BIX is an institution in V-town. And their dedicated stage for karaoke is one of the most underrated spots in the city––so too is the dance floor space for when the night really kicks into high gear.

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