The culture capital of Canada, Toronto has a longstanding history of great food, friendly people and great nightlife. And with its rich and diverse population of people spread across dozens of eclectic neighborhoods, finding the best venues for karaoke is always a fun search.

If you’re lucky enough to be spending some time in downtown Toronto, you should know where to be and where to be seen. Here are 5 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Toronto.

The top Toronto karaoke bars and rooms

1. Bar +

That’s pronounced “Bar Plus”, by the way. A Toronto landmark tucked in the heart of the city, this karaoke lounge offers an elevated singing experience thanks to its plethora of private rooms – all decked out with comfortable leather seating and offering cocktails, shooters and/or bottle service. For the more timid members of the party who aren’t ready to croon publicly, there’s a massive main bar where videos are on display and users can just chill in a relaxed, yet sleek and sophisticated environment.

Open until 2 am Tuesday to Sunday, Bar + Karaoke Lounge also offers small nibbles, an extensive drinks list and thousands of songs added to their roster every week.

2. Echo

Located on the second and third floor of a historic building on the iconic Bloor Street West stretch, Echo Karaoke blends Korean-style private karaoke with contemporary design to accommodate singers of all walks of life. While featuring a scrummy menu of eats and expertly crafted cocktails, it’s the music that is most important to the die-hard visitors. Songs are available in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Russian; and the mainstage also features the above languages plus Spanish and Bollywood––what more could you expect from a Toronto karaoke bar?

Inclusivity is also a nice touch, as the family-owned business encourages singers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to enter the safe space and sing until 2 am Thursday to Sunday.

3. Su Karaoke

Located near the corner of Yonge & Bloor in the heart of downtown Toronto, Su Karaoke features a state-of-the-art facility made to enhance your singing experience – whatever your vocal level. Their topnotch stereo system and extensive, multi-language song title catalogue is one of the biggest and best in the city and is updated regularly so that you and your friends can tap into the latest hits as they become available.

The well-stocked bar and kitchen menu are also equally impressive, with soju and bottles flowing at all times, plus a spread of delicious snacks. There’s also an elegantly designed outdoor patio to make your way to if you need a little breather from the music. Thursday to Sunday: get your karaoke fill at Su.

4. The K Karaoke

In the heart of Toronto’s Koreatown lives this quaint, subterranean find where the music is always playing – Monday to Sunday until 2:30 am. The K is actually a Korean BBQ restaurant on the main floor, and dedicated karaoke space in the basement, but the vibes are anything but dank.

An amazing food menu at the start of the evening, followed by a private room with your closest friends below – plus, fantastic drink options and the customary disco balls and ambient lights to make the mood as intimate and fun as possible.

5. B-Boss KTV

Authentic KTV karaoke never looked as good as it does in this colorful Toronto hotspot in the heart of Chinatown. A curious and delectable menu of Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine options are available (from potato chips to shredded squid––the variety is out of this world); equally extensive is the drinks menu, which includes sake, shots, wines, cognacs and more. But it’s the private karaoke rooms that are the biggest draws – available in small, medium, large and party sizes.

Most interesting is the compatibility as users can scan a QR code and make song requests directly from their phones while waiting their turns inside. The owners at B Boss have truly thought of everything and make it their mission to ensure that everybody has a great time.

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