Sydney, Australia is known for its gorgeous beaches, stunning scenery, and lively bar and restaurant scene. The city is known for its 24-hour nightclubs, cafes, live music venues, and karaoke bars.

Whether you’re a local or in the city for vacation - we’re here to help. We created a list of 10 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Sydney.

The best karaoke in Sydney:

1. Holey Moley Alexandria (Funlab)

This fun bar has everything from laser tag to mini golf and private karaoke rooms. Their rooms can fit up to 15 people at once and are the go-to in the area for celebrations, happy hours, and fun nights out with friends who love to sing. There’s a full bar and caddy service, so you can keep your taste buds satisfied while singing your favorite tunes.

Holey Moley is located in Alexandria off of O'Riordan St and is open until midnight on the weekends. Get ready for a night filled with karaoke, mini golf, and memories.

2. El Primo Sanchez

Obsessed with karaoke and tequila? We have the perfect spot for your karaoke nights. The El Primo Sanchez is like a mini escape to Mexico. It’s a fun, vibrant location that recently opened in early 2023 and features karaoke booths that fit two people. The best part? There’s a tequila button you can press if you’re feeling thirsty!

While you're singing your favorite tunes and enjoying a night out, you can get tequila hand-delivered to your karaoke room. How great is that? These two people karaoke booths are perfect for girls' night out, date night, or if you’re looking to get a few songs in on your own.

3. Pickled Possum

Sing karaoke like a local at The Pickled Possum. This iconic karaoke bar has great drinks, a full-fledged dance floor, and endless karaoke every night of the week. The funky atmosphere will inspire you to take center stage and sing your favorite tunes to the funky possum crowd. They also have great drink specials, monthly events, and themed nights.

4. Bramble Bar

A chic, sleek, and welcoming space with everything you need to have a memorable night out in Sydney. The Bramble Bar is the go-to spot in Brooklands Village for live music and karaoke. They have open mic and karaoke nights every other Saturday and have the perfect setup to help you unleash your inner rockstar on and off stage.

5. Goros

Get ready for a night filled with delicious Japanese foods, sake, and karaoke in Surry Hills. This Japanese bar and grill is a fun-filled experience with an impressive cocktail menu. It's a great spot if you're looking for a fun yet elevated karaoke experience. All their karaoke rooms are free to use and accommodate anywhere from 4 to 18 people. Each session is 80 minutes long, and their full karaoke song list is listed online, so you can start queueing up your songs before the fun begins!

6. Kingpin Macarthur Square

Planning a GNO with your best friends? Looking for a fun-filled happy hour with your coworkers? We have the spot for you. Kingpin in Macarthur Square offers private karaoke rooms and an extensive collection of songs to fill your night with trending tunes, classic singalongs, and your favorite choruses. After you take the stage and sing your heart out, you can enjoy a night filled with bowling, laser tag, escape rooms, and more.

7. VIP Karaoke Bar

Take your karaoke nights to the next level with a VIP experience at a VIP karaoke bar. This bar has two locations in Canley Heights and Liverpool. Both venues feature over 11 themed karaoke rooms and a full-fledged karaoke system. This location is known for its next-level customer service and provides a safe, fun experience for people to come together to enjoy a night filled with singing. The cost to rent a space varies depending on the number of people and how many hours you plan to spend in the private room. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $280 an hour.

8. Dynasty Karaoke

Sing from dusk til dawn at the Dynasty Karaoke Lounge in Chinatown. This fun and hip karaoke location is located on Dixon Street. It's the go-to spot for anyone wanting a private karaoke experience with friends, family, or coworkers. Their pricing varies depending on the day of the week, how many people you have, and what room you choose. They also have weekend happy hours, special evening rates, and a lounge area.

9. The Regent

Bring your friends together for a night filled with your favorite karaoke songs, great bar food, and even better drinks at The Regent. The Regent is a live sports bar located in Kingsford. They have weekly karaoke nights on Thursdays and trivia on Mondays. Whether you're looking to make new friends or bring your friends together - you can't go wrong when you choose this place for Thursday night karaoke sessions.

10. K-1 Karaoke

Sing the night away in one of Sydney's hottest karaoke lounges. K-1 Karaoke has karaoke rooms that fit anywhere from 1 to 40 people, and the cost varies from $68 to $248. This spot has a full menu with hot tapas, rice dishes, and late-night snacks. They are located in the Haymarket area off Dixon and Factory Street.

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