A surprisingly cosmopolitan cityscape nestled in the Baltics, Riga is Latvia’s capital and a never-ending source of fantastic food, music, and nightlife. And what better way to experience all three than by dabbling in some local karaoke?

If you’re spending some time in Riga, there are plenty of karaoke venues worthy of your time. Here are 5 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Riga.

The top Riga karaoke bars and rooms

1. Funny Fox

The Funny Fox bar in Old Town Riga is a staple. Mainly because it offers karaoke every single day of the week, staring at 8 pm sharp. But also because the vibes are just so perfect – a very chill and relaxing environment where locals of all ages congregate and sip on cocktails, wines, and pints, while musing about their days. Then, the sun sets and it’s karaoke time!

With a solemn stage decked with a string of lights, the look is not as bougee as some of the others in the city, but it’s strong enough to attract crowds and keep audiences enthralled for hours. Great food and camaraderie are always on offer, so too is a solid value. No reservations required: just drop in, order a drink and get ready to sing.

2. Friends

Where do we even start with Club Friends? There is so much to unpack, it’s unreal. This event space and bar/lounge is not only one of the most impressive venues in Riga, but it’s also one of the largest and most intricate –as if every night is a major production. Located near the University of Riga (which makes it a veritable haven for students), Club Friends offers incredible karaoke content: professional and modern equipment, 45,000+ song titles in multiple languages, and two distinct karaoke areas. KARAOKE, open every day, and LIVE BAND KARAOKE, where singers are backed by a throbbing base of musicians, Friday and Saturday. There are even live backup singers to help you hit the high notes.

Additionally, there is a great menu of food and drinks available in the pub area. Meanwhile, the club area offers hours of carefree dancing. Friends even has a comprehensive loyalty program with serious VIP benefits – yes, it’s THAT popular a place! Be sure to check it out. No cover!

3. Tomasha

There’s karaoke, and then there’s karaoke Tomasha-style. This new bar and lounge is a gilded gem in Riga, featuring ornate décor and furnishings that emphasize the glitz and glamorous side of karaoke. Chic is the overall vibe – and the dress code to match. There is even a VIP room to rent, as well as a whole whack of expertly crafted cocktail options. And most importantly, the crowds at Tomasha go hard – karaoke every Friday and Saturday until 6 am!

If you’re looking to have an elevated sing-song karaoke experience in Riga, you really need to look no further than this ultra-hip event space.

4. 1881 Speakeasy

Keep calm and speak easy…that’s the motto of this vibrant karaoke and nightclub venue in downtown Riga. Based on the American Speakeasy system during Prohibition, the vibe is very much secretive – but the owners also want to make this space the ultimate business for good times.

Featuring friendly staff, a hookah bar, incredible cocktails, and even an extensive sushi bar, Speakeasy is a popular joint among Latvia’s most adventurous nighthawks, which makes it the perfect place for your next Friday or Saturday night out.

5. Victory Pub

Sitting along a cobblestoned street, the unassuming Victory Pub looks like your average traditional watering hole. And by all appearances, it is. But there is also a LOT to be experienced behind these doors – from darts and billiards, to dedicated chess and arm-wrestling tournaments. The vibe is sports bar meets secret society of hidden talents. Which is probably why it’s also a great space for karaoke.

Well known for its basement parties, Victory Pub offers a fin atmosphere, friendly bartenders, and great value. Plus, a wide range of drink options, including an extensive tap of beers.

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