One of the great American cities, Philadelphia is virtually buzzing with activity all day, every day. From excellent bars, ample nightlife, sports (and more sports), and cream cheese – there are plenty of entertainment options for you to get your…Phil.

Looking for fun in the city of Brotherly Love that doesn’t involve cheesesteaks? (Hey, if you can manage to sing with your mouth full, we won’t judge!) We’ve more than got you covered. Here are 5 of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Philadelphia.

The top Philadelphia karaoke bars and rooms

1. Yakitori Boy

A legendary space with an equally legendary reputation, Yakitori Boy is an izakaya and karaoke lounge in Callowhill that caters to the vocally inclined crowd nearly every day of the week.

Divided between a first-floor dining area that serves up incredible Japanese, and a second-floor karaoke lounge (Wednesday to Sunday) with intimate rooms for up to 20 people (Tuesday to Sunday), this unique space is an all-round entertainment mecca. Chow down on dumplings, bento, yakitori and teriyaki while sipping draft beers and crafted cocktails before heading upstairs to gorge on a massive song list. Karaoke is 21+ and $10 cover Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Tango

If there’s one thing that this Pan-Asian hotspot, just north of Center City, does well, it’s stir-fries, cocktails and karaoke. Tango is a perennial popular space for grabbing some soju and happy hour appetizers (or a $700 bottle of Dom Perignon, whatever you’re feeling), so the vibe is pretty much all over the place, but in a good way. Some nights feature a sports theme; other nights, mostly weekends, are DJ-heavy. They’ve even got a solid dim sum menu to sample.

But the upstairs lounge is where the true magic happens. A solid sound system and private karaoke rooms await the eager crowds, featuring ample space for 10 or 20-person parties. The atmosphere is equal parts chill and thumping depending on the night of the week.

3. VOIX Karaoke

Another great Philly hotspot offering private karaoke rooms, VOIX comes with whatever you need: parties of 4 or parties of 74––they’ve got you covered. Each lush room includes food and bottle service, plus a massive book of titles which you and your friends can burn through well into the morning hours.

Billed as Philadelphia’s premiere karaoke lounge––and it’s easy to see why––VOIX also features an incredible Asian Fusion culinary experience, including a sushi bar, dedicated cocktail bar and restaurant. The mood is always sophisticated and chic, but never pretentious.

4. Space KTV Bar | Lounge

When a bar guarantees a great time, it’s hard to ignore. But that the promise made by the folks at Space KTV, a swanky party palace that oozes good vibes only. Whether you’re looking for a place to host a birthday party, corporate event, cocktail reception, or just veg out on a Friday night, Space…is the space to be.

Open karaoke bar is available Thursday to Monday (with Happy Hour between 5 pm and 7 pm) and gets your 3 song tickets for $10. Downstairs are the private rooms, with space for 8 to 20 people. And upstairs are the bougie booths, premium rooms and the holy VIP room with virtually everything you could ever ask for. It’s a great option for any night on the town.

5. Donna’s Bar

Featuring an eclectic food menu that includes great Tex-Mex, meatball subs and pierogi, this Port Richmond staple is known as purveyors of homemade Polish food. But the vibe at Donna’s Bar is undeniably welcoming and friendly which makes it a perfect venue for Saturday karaoke.

While there are no private booths (singers get the chance to sing live and wander throughout the floor of tables), the A+ sound system and unassuming atmosphere is great for first-time karaoke singers who are looking for an un-intimidating space. Excellent prices and no cover charge means that things can get pretty busy pretty quick, so if it’s unbridled fun you’re after, make a trip to Donna’s.

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