Whenever karaoke night comes around bar and club promoters head straight for Google and search for “karaoke meme” or “person singing karaoke” to promote their events. Those searches turn up the same old images that have been in circulation for the last 15 years. Having helped thousands of our clients bring karaoke to their venue, we here at Singa have seen those memes a lot... We are frankly tired of those crusty, old karaoke memes and I’m sure your customers are too.

To liven things up we've created our karaoke memes and promotions for you to share your customers to get them excited for karaoke night. You can take your memes straight from here or head to Singa's Tik Tok or Instagram for even more karaoke humor you can use for your promotions.

Karaoke meme photos:

The ancestor of karaoke memes. We've done our best recreations of some classics as well as created some of our own. Featuring photos from Singa-powered karaoke venues.

how I look at karaoke meme
Not applicable if you happen to actually be Beyonce and are singing karaoke.
when your song is next karaoke meme
Or during the instrumental break
I'm not doing karaoke meme
Some people don't need any motivation at all to hit the stage! 
When it is your turn to sing karaoke meme
did someone say karaoke meme
Recreation of the classic karaoke meme. 
Nicki Minaj karaoke meme
Too many words too fast!

Karaoke memes on Instagram/Meta stories:

Beyond just posting an event and some photos, it can also be a great idea to share stories and reels getting people excited for the night. Check out these karaoke meme reels below:

You can always head to the Singa Instagram for more karaoke meme reels and photos.

Karaoke memes on Tik Tok:

Tik Tok is filled with tons of musical content, which means tons of karaoke content too. If you are using Tik Tok be sure to share this karaoke memes.

@singakaraoke Karaoke or nothing #ewdavid #ewdavid🙄 #karaoke #singing #singtok ♬ original sound - Schitt’s Creek
@singakaraoke Are you a rap god? What would you sing if someone asked you to sing a karaoke song? 🎶🎤 #karaoke #viral #sing #singer #instagood #funny #singakaraoke #singkaraoke ♬ Lose Yourself (From "8 MILE") - Movie Sounds Unlimited
@singakaraoke Always a plan to consider 🎤 #singing #karaoke #plans #trend #singakaraoke ♬ Big And Chunky - Juan Torres 🤠

Not enough karaoke memes yet? You can head to the Singa Tik Tok to check out more. If you need some more promotion ideas for your club check out our Ultimate Guide for Promoting and Hosting Karaoke.

Karaoke GIFs

If you're looking for karaoke gifs we have those for your too! You can check out our profile on Giphy for even more karaoke GIF goodness!

Found some good karaoke memes here? Feel free to share them and use them in your own marketing. If you have some good karaoke memes you've created feel free to share them with us at sales@singa.com.