Gdansk is a stunning city located in Northern Poland. It's known for its rich history, architecture, and impressive nightlife scene for tourists and locals. Everywhere you look, you'll find great bars, clubs, and karaoke joints throughout the city.

Making a trip to Gdansk? Looking for a new go-to spot for your Friday night out? We created a list of the top 10 best karaoke bars in Poland.

The top 10 karaoke bars and rooms in Gdansk

1. Red Dog

The entrance to Red Dog karaoke bar

Red Dog Saloon is known for its impressive collection of whiskey and handcrafted cocktails. This karaoke bar in Gdansk has everything you need to experience a truly authentic American Whiskey-drinking culture. The best part? There's karaoke seven nights a week. This spot can get packed for karaoke, especially on the weekends. We recommend arriving early to secure your spot on the song waitlist. Once you pick a song, grab a cocktail and get ready to sing your heart out - all night!

2. Jack's Bar

Grab your friends and get ready to sing, dance, and drink at one of Gdansk's hottest American-inspired karaoke bars. Jack's Bar is perfect for great drinks, food, and even better karaoke. The restaurant is known for its American cuisine and is the perfect spot to grab your favorite whiskey drink. If you come to sing, get ready to sing all night because Jack's Bar is open until 4 AM on the weekends!

3. Jimmy's PUB

Jimmy's Karaoke PUB is a small, cozy bar with a ton of personality. Here, you'll find great prices on beer and cocktails. This karaoke bar in Gdansk is also known for hosting some of the best karaoke parties in the city on the weekends. We recommend checking their website for themes or karaoke events.

4. Klub Ygrek

Klub Ygrek is a karaoke and billiards bar with regular events and drink specials for students. The spot is open six days a week until 1 AM and is one of the most popular karaoke spots near the University of Gdansk. Whether you're a student at the local university or want to make new karaoke-loving friends, Klub Ygrek is the perfect place to check out the next time you're out on the town.

5. Club FALA

Club FALA is a low-key spot located in the heart of Gdansk. It's one of the most popular spots to sing karaoke among locals. Outside of fun-filled karaoke, the place has a stunning garden and next-level food. Club FALA is closed on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday but is open late on the weekends.

6. Pub Torpeda

Pub Torpeda has everything - parties, sports, live music, and karaoke. What more could you need? This is a lively spot that frequently hosts karaoke nights throughout the week. When they aren't hosting karaoke on the big stage, they have local bands and open mic nights. If you have your heart set on a karaoke night, we recommend checking their weekly events on Facebook before heading over.

7. Fahrenheit by Jack's Bar

Obsessed with the vibes at Jack's Bar or Red Dog Saloon? Then you'll love Fahrenheit! Fahrenheit has a full bar and food menu filled with American favorites. The place has two rooms, a dance floor, and a smoking area. Karaoke nights are every Monday and Wednesday. So, if you're looking for a mid-week spot to sing, dance, and have a good time - Fahrenheit is the place to be.

8. Game Over

Game Over is a game lover's dream. This lively karaoke bar in Gdansk has games, music, and great drinks, everything you need for an unforgettable night out on the town. There's also karaoke, board games, and various video games to enjoy with friends. Game Over has two locations in the city. They also take reservations online if you'd like to reserve a spot before heading over. Game Over is a popular spot on the weekends. We recommend booking in advance if you're headed there with a book group.

9. Pro'Rock Pub

Obsessed with good old-fashioned Rock n' Roll? Ready to spend your night listening to Rock n' Roll legends like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and more? We have the perfect spot for you. Pro'Rock Pub is where rock n' roll was reborn again. This lively karaoke bar in Gdansk is known for hosting some of the best (and edgiest!) karaoke nights in the city. You can catch a heavy metal, alternative, or rock n roll band on the big stage when they aren't hosting fun-filled karaoke nights. Get ready for an edgy karaoke session on the big stage!

10. No To Cyk

No To Cyk is a trendy karaoke bar in Gdansk known for its playful cocktails, delicious food, and next-level vibes. They also host weekly karaoke nights on Thursdays. If it's not a karaoke night when you're in town, grab a deck of cards or a board game and order one of their many cocktails with your friends or family.

No To Cyk is open seven days a week and is open late until 2 AM. On the weekends, they stay open until 4 AM. If you have your heart set on singing karaoke, remember to check their calendar of events before heading over!

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