In the midst of a global pandemic, it can be the simplest things that create the biggest smiles. The care industry sector has experienced unprecedented circumstances this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of the people supported across the social care charity, Community Integrated Care, have been continuing to pursue their talents and interests throughout this challenging time.

For many people who access care and support, the virus has restricted them pursuing their favourite hobbies and activities this year and residents of all ages have missed out on their usual forms of entertainment. On a mission to make sure that the pandemic does not stop people being engaged in fun activities, Community Integrated Care and Singa have partnered up to provide free karaoke software to hundreds of people in care services across the country.

As part of their Celebrations for "We Dare Day", a charity wide celebration of Community Integrated Care’s 2019 Charity Of The Year title, held a live karaoke party, hosted by us at Singa. The session was well attended, with over 100 services taking part in the charity-wide event.

During the session, colleagues and the people in support were able to select their favourite tracks to sing solo or take part in a group sing-a-long. Kingsbridge Way and West Lodge were just two of our many services who took part in the sessions.

Jade Smith, Support Worker at Kingsbridge said:

“The Singa Karaoke night for We Dare Day was the first time that residents at Kingsbridge have participated in a group karaoke session. Our residents looked forward to it all week, and especially enjoyed being able to see people from other services."

"The session helped them to build confidence and gave them an opportunity to forget about the current situation with the pandemic. The creative arts are empowering, as they give the people we support the chance to express themselves in varied forms, and they’re something which can be done one on one or as part of a larger group. It also gives the people we support a chance to socialise and develop stronger connections with each other. Creative arts are also familiar, as lot of our residents would typically attend day centres where these types of activities would take place. The Singa Sessions were great as they were easy to access, and we had no issues connecting with the host.”

Annette Moses, Support Worker, spoke on behalf of West Lodge, explaining:  

“The people we support in West Lodge really enjoyed Singa’s Karaoke session. We found it easy to pre book a slot, and a choice of song, which we followed on our laptop. At West Lodge, we have one gentleman and two young ladies who particularly love to sing on the microphone. Music and singing always boosts the feel good factor, promoting an individual’s mental health, wellbeing and self-esteem. Everyone really enjoyed dancing (with or without support) and it was great for interacting as a group and cheering each-other on! Activities like this really unlock an individual’s potential, boost their confidence and improve their mental health. The more we can get the people we support involved in activities like this, the more we can create opportunities for them!”

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