Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It's nestled against the sea and has a captivating view of the mountains. Not only is Bergen one of the most stunning cities in Norway, but it also has some of the best bars, nightclubs, and karaoke joints in Europe.

If you're in Bergen and want to enjoy a night on the town, we're here to help. We created a list of the 9 best karaoke bars in Bergen. So you can sing karaoke with your friends, family members, or coworkers any day of the week.

The top 9 Bergen karaoke bars and rooms:

1. Duo Karaoke Bar

Duo Karaoke Bar is a local's favorite place to sing and dance the night away. It's a low-key, late-night spot open from 7 PM to 3 AM from Thursday to Sunday. The bar is small yet lively and intimate. You can also book your spot on the stage in advance by sending them a DM on Instagram!

2. Heidi's Bier Bar

Grab your friends and get ready to take the stage at Heidi's Bier Bar. This lively karaoke bar in Bergen is known for its après-ski atmosphere. Once you step in, you'll feel like you just walked into a ski resort in the Alps! Outside of great drinks and entertainment, there are also private karaoke rooms that can be booked in advance. This is a great spot to consider if you want a more private karaoke session or have a big group.

3. Bergen Kjøtt Bar

Bergen Kjøtt bar is a fun, cozy bar with some of the best karaoke events in the entire city. Most of their karaoke nights are free to enter, but you'll want to get there early to add your name to the waitlist to sing on stage. When they aren't hosting fun-filled karaoke nights, they have moving screenings, live music, clothing swaps, and more. We recommend viewing their calendar of events before heading over so you know what's in store!

4. Skipperstuen

Did you know Skipperstuen is one of the oldest surviving pubs in Bergen? This karaoke has a lively atmosphere and is a great spot to grab a beer, enjoy live music, or take the stage for karaoke. Skipperstuen hosts weekly karaoke nights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Karaoke starts late, so get ready to sing the night away with your friends, family, or coworkers. Skipperstuen is a must-experience for tourists and locals alike.

5. Fotballpuben

For over 31 years, Fotballpuben has been the spot for karaoke, football, and great times. The bar has three venues inside the building, including one where they host karaoke nights several times a week. Whether you want to watch a game and have a great drink or go just for the karaoke. You're in for a good time at this karaoke bar in Bergen!

6. Bar3

Planning an upcoming date night? Are you looking for a low-key spot for a company happy hour? Bar3 provides endless entertainment and great discounted offers. They have everything from shuffleboard, darts, bank-shot, and more. On nights that they don't have a DJ playing, they'll host karaoke on the big stage. While you socialize, sing, and play games, don't forget to also grab a bite to eat and one of their handcrafted cocktails.

7. Baklommen Bar

Baklommen Bar is a unique bar with a pleasant atmosphere. They have a full bar and a menu filled with some of the best traditional Norwegian dishes you'll find in the city. After you grab a bite to eat in the main dining room, you can get ready to sing your favorite song at the Baklommen Bar. This karaoke pub in Bergen is more low-key and intimate. So, we recommend heading to a different karaoke bar in Bergen if you're with a large group or want a different vibe.

8. Felix

Felix is a British sports bar that doubles as a karaoke pub. They're known for their large beer selection and live music performances. There's also a large backyard with tons of outdoor seating, making this bar a great spot to stop by during the summer and springtime. When there are no sports or live music performances, they'll host karaoke nights on the stage! Whether you're meeting up with coworkers or celebrating a birthday, Felix is a must-go if you're in Bergen.

9. Café Opera

Last but not least is Café Opera. This upscale karaoke bar is known for its sandwiches, omelets, and small dinner dishes. It's open seven days a week until 11 PM at night. After you grab a bite to eat, check out one of their weekend events. If you get lucky - it just might be karaoke night! Don't forget to check their Facebook before heading over to see what events are planned for the nights you're in Bergen.

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